Absolute Carnage concludes with an important death


Published on Nov 25, 2019


The event of the Marvel Absolute Carnage has come to an end this week.


The work of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman has revealed that the symbionts that inhabit the Marvel Universe have left traces of themselves, of their genetic codes in their guests. Carnage tried to collect those codes to take advantage of their power and awaken Knull, the god of the symbiont, from the prison where she sleeps. The Venom and its allies, including Peter Parker and Miles Morales, Wolverine, Captain America, Bruce Banner, the Thing and the Creator have tried to hunt down and destroy as many codes as possible before the Carnage he could find them.

The group used a device invented by the Creator to destroy the codes. Things have taken a turn when Carnage fought Venom and the other heroes. The symbiont Venom is united with the Hulk to fight him, but Carnage has ripped the symbiont by the Hulk. Things get worse when she discovers the betrayal of the Creator: his device was not destroying the codes, them was picking up.

At the beginning of the final number of Absolute Carnage, Eddie Brock has formed a new symbiont Venom thanks to the codes. Fights Carnage, but Carnage forces Eddie in a situation where you will have to make a choice: Eddie can kill Carnage, but it will awaken Knull, putting at risk the entire world. If not, Carnage will kill the son of Eddie. Eddie makes his choice.

With Carnage dead, the immediate threat is over, but Venom knows who is going to get a greatest threat, but choose not to share that information with Spider-Man or any of the other heroes. This could be the stage for the next big event in Marvel Comics is focusing on Venom, Venom Island.

With regard to Carnage, is not the first time that the bad murderer and the symbiont is killed, then we will not be astonished when we'll see him...

Absolute Carnage #5 is on sale now in the USA.

Absolute Carnage ends with a major death is




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