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Published on Apr 25, 2020


Directly from the pages of Venom, with the same artistic team formed by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, arrives in Italy the first event marvelliano 2020, Absolute Carnage.

It is easy to guess, the plot involves the return in grand style of the more evil between the symbiotic aliens, and a perfect example of the classic villain ultraviolento the Nineties, born as the offspring of the Venom and then become his sworn enemy, in addition to Spider-Man.

After be finished in limbo for several years, Carnage has gradually cut out more and more space, thanks to the various mini-series that saw the protagonist, more or less successful. What is certain is that our symbiont red blood often ends up to a nasty end, as evidenced by his famous battle with the Sentry in the Avengers, where he was literally sliced in two, and that is not the end rather its union with the alien Poison in Venomized, which led to his death by remaining at the mercy of the space.

Just since her return to Earth, now devoid of life and with the symbiont charred from the impact with the earth's atmosphere, resumes the row of the address Cates, telling us in the Web-series of Venom of as a sect of the worshippers of the god of the symbiont Knull ( introduced by the writer in his first run on the Venom ) has recovered the body of Cletus Kasady, and then glue it to a piece of the symbiont Grendel, the huge flying dragon to Knull.

Carnage so he rises again, more powerful and cruel than ever, but with a precise aim: to rip away the residue of the symbiont to all those who have ever worn one ( the so-called codices ), in order to become stronger and awaken the god of the symbiont, bringing death and destruction on Earth.

This unwelcome return to the scene takes place in a time which was certainly not easy for our Eddie Brock/Venom, as he recently discovered to have a son, and that his symbiont in all these years, it was used that they should know it, by manipulating his mind. But the return of a Carnage so powerful not only force him to make peace with the symbiont, from which you were temporarily separated, but must also ask for the help of all the heroes available, starting from his old nemesis Spider-Man, to try to stem the advance of the C-Man and save his son.

Donny Cates is definitely one of the writers of the most popular of the moment. Has given new lifeblood to the Marvel universe, and especially the way its the V-Man, digging deep about the origin of his symbiotic alien, like no one had ever done so far. But not only stopped that, he has provided depth and drama, and also to his host, Eddie Brock, by showing us an event that has strongly marked in his youth, and the conflicting relationship with the father, up to the discovery of his son Dylan, a main figure in this event.

Started as a “super-bad guy” the absolute Tessiragnatele, the figure of Venom has evolved a lot since in the course of the years, thanks to authors such as Cates, who have been able to give him the complexity of a character all-round, three-dimensional, which travels constantly on the thin line that divides good from evil, as the most classic of anti-heroes.

With these premises, it was reasonable to expect a big event from Absolute Carnage that continue to be worthy, and even more spectacular, the events narrated at the head of the V-Man. Arrived at the end of the reading, however, remains a little’ bitter taste in the mouth, as it has the impression of having read a typical “fumettone” in the style of Marvel, very lively and adventurous, but lacking the thickness to which Cates had we used.

If we take away a few fist fight between symbionts and between superheroes and symbionts, in fact, little remains other. In the end there is even that rate of splatter and violence that you might expect from a mini-series starring Carnage, as well as the horror factor, much more marked in the Web of Venom, and here reduced just to the bony of the villain. It seems all the more sweetened, in substance, likely to reach a larger proportion of the public, but this is to the detriment of the quality of the story, which offers a few thrills and a final disappointing, especially for the treatment reserved to C-Man.

It's a shame, because what would be the exploit end of the “first season” of Cates on Venom, is revealed in reality to be a blockbuster fracassone an end in himself, that he wanted to pay homage to Maximum Carnage of the Nineties, but do not have the same subversive, and violent.

With regard to the drawings, Ryan Stegman place in the complex a good work, also if you notice the effects of the deadlines imposed, given that the trait is always more rushed, and less attention to detail as you get closer to the final. Still in with a good dynamism, which gives energy and character to his drawings, especially in the sequences more lively. Proves to be particularly comfortable when depicting monstrous creatures such as the symbionts, which can give a high expressiveness.

In conclusion, therefore, Absolute Carnage is a successful event only to the middle, with good premises but a high-performance conventional and unconvincing, that it does not go beyond pure entertainment. Was supposed to be the flagship of the management of Cates on the Venom, and instead it turned out to be his lowest point.

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