Aaron Nielsen enters the Riccanza Deluxe on Mtv, the model reveals


Published on Nov 05, 2019


Aaron Nielsen enters the Riccanza Deluxe on Mtv, the model is revealed. New entry in the cast of #Riccanza Deluxe. Tuesday 5 November at 22.00 on MTV (Sky channel 130) and also available in streaming on the Now Tv – in the new double-episode of the fourth season of the series, the most luxurious of the tv arrives Aaron Nielsen, model and influencer over that son of actress Brigitte Nielsen, ready to bring adrenaline and extreme sports, that are for him the true luxury.

In the first episode, Princess Camilla, as the ritual begins the day with a healthy and satisfying shopping session. In the meantime, the sister cash Alessia and Giorgia have organized a surprise for Farid to remain without words... but never without appetite.

The prince from the lonely heart Nicholas – put in stand-by, the love life – has decided to focus on the job thinking a new business with the support of a team of friends is truly special. Also Matthias has decided to think about the work: after so much blossom, is back in the recording studio to record his latest hit. In the meantime, inside of the Riccanza Rehab – the journey of Thomas in search of his deeper “self is starting to have its effects.

In the second episode of the evening we discover – through a special meeting – that there is one thing on which Alessia and Giorgia just don't agree with and that threatens their coexistence. Aaron, along with his dear friend, he has an important meeting that promises to leave an indelible mark on his life. Meanwhile, Farid stopped to think for a moment-the “dietanza” and decided to devote himself to a busy day of shopping.

There is also a surprise for Tommy: gets a visit really special inside the Riccanza Rehab, accompanied by an exclusive interview. In Rome, instead, Mattia't wait to show you his sure-fire ways to escape the traffic of the grande raccordo anulare. On the planet Riccanza the hour of the aperitif must be strictly adhered to and lived in a very luxury. While Nicholas is spending the sunset blossoming in an exclusive pool party, Cristel and sister cash you have an experience with five-star flavour fusion.

Become a cult, among the most successful programmes on MTV, with the new season #Riccanza Deluxe continues to give space to the stories of young protagonists who share a common wealth and unbridled passion for social media. In the company of names already known and three new entries, including luxury, wellness, hashtag and the inevitable “Dompe” always fresh, if you see some good!

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