A year of the discovery of new surprises for gravitational waves

Published on Feb 11, 2017

Has intrigued all of them, he filled with enthusiasm the world of physics and of astronomy, has opened up new frontiers and is in the odor of Nobel prize: the discovery of gravitational waves is one year, but the exploration of this completely new aspect of the universe is just beginning, and warms up your muscles to go to get close to the secrets of matter, such as those that are at the origin of black holes or of neutron stars. A year of the discovery of new surprises for gravitational waves. L’11 February 2016 had made the rounds of the world the proclamation of the possibility to listen to the ripples of space-time envisaged a century earlier by Albert Einstein and caused by the deformation caused by the gravity of the heavenly bodies giant. The signal was captured from the detector the american Ligo (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) and analysed by the international collaboration Ligo and Virgo. The latter is at the head of the European Gravitational Observatory (Ego), founded and funded by the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (Infn) and national research Council of the French (Cnrs). After the astronomy gravitational... . Since then I have been intercepted a total of two signals, and the work to be done is still a great deal and fascinating. If by then the astronomy gravity has become a reality, physicists and astrophysicists are preparing to take the step further. “We are at the gates of astronomy multimessaggero,” said John in the ozone cycle, the leader of the project advanced Virgo and researcher of Infn. ... here comes the astronomy multimessaggero. That is to say that at the time when the gravitational wave detectors intercept a signal and locate its source point in the sky, other tools from the Earth, different among them, can look in that same direction in order to capture different information. It is as if a doctor he will compare images obtained with X-rays with those of an ultrasound and a cat: he would have a much more precise. The bet is to be able to know more about the unusual behaviour of the material. A crowbar to discover the secrets of matter. “Currently we do not have the faintest idea of what is a black hole,” observed Gianluca Gems, coordinator of Virgo. “Probably, he added, " the gravitational waves are the only means to scratch the surface of the mystery that surrounds black holes”. Cosmic messengers. It becomes increasingly clear that gravitational waves are cosmic messengers, which “definitely could help us to collect data about the states of matter still unknown, and impossible to reproduce in the laboratory. The only way to study them is to watch them with these sophisticated tools”. (ANSA)

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