A summary of the new agreement, the NFL – NFLPA


Published on Mar 26, 2020


This week of free agency, the wild made us leave out a summary of the new contract between the NFL and NFLPA that will govern the relationship between the league and the players for the next 11 seasons.
In 11 seasons? You are 11 and not 10 because of the joint decision-making and also 2020, will become part of the new contract then will expire at the end of the season 2030.

What follows is a summary of some of the most interesting points of the new agreement, the full text can be found HERE.

One of the most important news is the increase from next season the number of teams qualifying for the playoffs, which will grow from six to seven for each Conference. As a result, only the best will rest for a week while the other six teams will play the wild card with the couplings: 2° vs 7°, 3° vs 6° and 4° vs 5°.
From 2021, the players of the team in the bye in the first round will be paid as if they had played the game.
With this change, they will become six games of a wild card to be played between Saturday and Sunday, and if we were to believe the times, starting from the assumption that highly unlikely the NFL will play two games at the same time, we can try the kickoff at 19.00, 22.30 and 2.30 for the two days.

Let us look at the other news that has been spoken of so much, the increase in 17 games of the regular season. This change will not be immediate, but should occur between 2021 and 2023 because the decision on which “rule” should govern the game of odd will not be easy to take: rivalry? a game of rotation against a team from the other conference? The only thing that is certain is the alternation between the 8 and the 9 home games, season after season.

We come now to the economic aspect of the new contract.

In 2020, the players will split the 47% of the revenue of the NFL more than 70 million for widening the playoffs to seven teams. By 2021 will increase by 1% the quota available to that will and then to 48%, which will increase by 0.5% when the matches of the regular season will become 17 in addition to having a salary increase on a proportional basis.
Also, when will be renewed between 2021 and 2022, the contracts with the television networks, the players can get an increase up to 0.8% based on the amount of money that will be paid to broadcast the games.

Greatly increases the minimum wage, the pay is perceived to be approximately 65% of NFL players, divided into three sections :

Each team will be entitled to a discount on the salary cap of 1.25 million dollars when you renew the contract for a maximum of two players considered veterans (4 years experience). Confirmed the Franchise Tag, eliminated the possibility of double tagging the players in the last year of the contract.

Increase the players on the roster from 46 to 48 for the games, and one of the two must be a man of the line of attack. Increase of two players on the practice squad, which rose from 10 to 12 up to 14 of the 2022 (which will also have an increase in salary by 8 thousand dollars a week, and now at 11,500, plus pension and benefits. Compared to the past also increases the ability to move players from the practice squad and the contrary.

Also changed the Fifth Year Option, i.e. the possibility to extend automatic a one-year contract to a rookie selected in the first round; in the new contract is extended to all players selected in the first round, and not only to the first ten and the amount will be paid even in the case of an accident.

Is increased by 400% over the limit of use of marijuana and, in the case a player the exceeds must show the reasons why the health and healthcare have taken them over the limit. Magazines also made to the suspension for doping (2 days the first time with increase the next), to steroids (6 days the first time up to the entire season for the next time), and introduced the disqualification of 3 days for the players caught driving in a state of drunkenness,

To close, the new agreement decreases the number of workouts in full pads (that is, fully dressed and with contact), from the current 28 to 16, with a maximum of 3 consecutive and 4 total hours of presence on the field on the day, and never more than 2.5 consecutive hours.




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