A show for Carlo Rambaldi: the creator of E. T.


Published on Dec 24, 2018


Carlo Rambaldi is nicknamed “The man of the Stars” for several reasons: he was responsible for the special effects of the movie sci-fi legendary Alien, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and especially E. T. the Extraterrestrial. Starting from Italy has conquered Hollywood, where in its first six years of collaborations, has received four Oscar nominations and three wins, respectively for King Kong, Alien and E. T.). But Carlo Rambaldi was the man of the stars also because in a small town near Ferrara where he was born in 1925 and where he lived for his entire childhood, in the early twenties fell a small meteorite that the barber of the village picked it up and kept it in his shop inside a case. The fantasy of the little Charles, and his passion for the Space, were born just at that moment, around that meteor fall a few steps from the house.

Carlo Rambaldi, died on August 10, 2012 (on the night of the shooting stars) in Lamezia Terme, in Calabria. After conquering Hollywood he retired in the lands of calabria to be closer to her daughter, based in Lamezia. He died in the peace and quiet. He lived now on the sidelines, away from the world of the show. But after his death the memory of his exploits brought him back again to the fore.

So, in order to preserve the memory, and to transmit to new generations the art of those special effects the result of a mastery of the whole craft (and without the intervention of the digital) is born, the Foundation Carlo Rambaldi. The exhibition, organized by the foundation, dedicated to the history and to the path of the master, who died, is making the tour of Italy, and its members (with Victor and Daniela Rambaldi on all) try to cultivate the young talents that meet around the Country (in addition to raising funds to buy toys to give to children in War zones). In fact, the foundation organizes master classes, workshops, and scholarships to offer many children the opportunity to learn the art and the profession of the curator of the special effects, by learning the use of craft techniques (including mechanical and robotic), in which Carlo Rambaldi was the undisputed master.

We had the opportunity to see one of the exhibitions organized by the Fondazione Carlo Rambaldi. The exhibition was held in Vibo Valentia, at the Valentianum – Chamber of Commerce, from 18 to 21 December, and has allowed the movie enthusiasts and fantastic to see live some of the pieces from the collection (with three academy awards included) that make this exhibition unique in its kind.

The curator of the exhibition Marcello Baretta has guided us in the path of the exhibition, helping us to explore the life and works of Carlo Rambaldi. And among the many stories of the extraordinary journey in the world of art and entertainment of this great Master we wanted to tell the one that did finally come in the legend Carlo Rambaldi: the creation of E. T. the Extraterrestrial.


A show for Carlo Rambaldi: the creator of E. T. is




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