A secret message hidden in the Famicom Classic Mini?


Published on Jan 11, 2017


Nintendo has hidden a secret message, addressed to any hacker, in the tightening of the code of the emulator internal to the Famicom Classic Mini.

With the release of the news that the Nintendo Classic Mini would not be able to support new games, it was inevitable that hackers and modders are carrying out to this small retroconsole blockbuster. And so, a little time away, here is that the hacker community has managed to insert new games inside the console, in spite of every prediction... or maybe not?

Nintendo had planned it all and, hiding a secret message inside of the Famicom Classic Mini, asked “kindly” to the hacker not to break anything. Here is the message found in the code of the japanese version of the console:

“Is the Captain Hanafuda speaks. The launch of the emulation will be done in 3... 2... 1. Many efforts, tears, and endless hours have been used to create this jewel. Therefore, please keep this place in order and not to break anything!”

Obviously, this is a clear reference to the history of Nintendo, especially when the company produced still playing cards Hanafuda.

Well done Nintendo!

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