A second season of Thirteen – 13 Reasons Why it is possible according to Selena Gomez

Published on Apr 10, 2017

According to Selena Gomez, co-producer of the tv series on Netflix, a second season of Thirteen – 13 Reasons Why it is not ruled out

Interviewed by the Hollywood Reporter, Selena Gomez, producer of the tv series on Netflix of the time, spoke of the difficulty of adapting the novel by Jay Asher on the screen, also opening up to the possibility of the arrival of a second season of Thirteen – 13 Reasons Why.

Here are his words about it:

“It is always difficult to treat a book, mainly because of the high regard that has to be part of the fan, so at the beginning I was scared. My mother, the producer, Mandy Teefey, and I have reassured the author that we'd committed to the fund, at the cost of putting on the years, to bring it on the screen in the right way.”

“We don't know yet if we will go forward, but there are lots of stories behind each character. That's why we decided to do a tv show. We'll see.”

The role of the protagonist, Hannah Baker, played in the show by Katherine Langford, had been previously offered to Gomez that, “to allow anyone to identify with in this story”, he preferred to collaborate in the production of the series.

The Langford has discussed the contribution that Jay Asher has had on the first season of Thirteen:

“The novel has a fan base so huge that Jay Asher has worked with us to be sure that the show was adherent to the book. There is some addition, for example, about the world in which Hannah Baker lived, and we also see other things that happen, regardless of her relationship with Clay. In the show, we handle many personal matters that are important to the people of these times. Speaking of them, I hope you can elaborate on the reasons of certain dynamics, where even the smallest thing can hurt you or mark someone without realising it.”

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