A season with the Titans in Montgomery: is the End of the season


Published on Nov 08, 2019


Riccardo Sheet will pass the fourth year of high school in Montgomery (Minnesota) in addition to the study will be part of the Varsity Team of his high school. We asked him to tell us about her adventure in the States, here's the sixth episode, in this link you can find the previous.

After the Homecoming ruined by Belle Plaine, it's up to the JV “avenge” our school. We start shortly after I finished the lessons and on the bus, you can feel the tension for the last match of our league. The head coach I appoint a captain for the second time this season, and not to disappoint him play every snap of the game: offense, defense, and special teams. The game is very well balanced, we start to put the ball in the air more often, forcing play cornerback opponents to commit Pass Interference in different actions. 2 minutes from the end of the game we find ourselves in the attack, trailing 14-6. We can put on a great drive 70 yards ending with a touchdown. The transformation by two points, however, concludes, in a passage from the incomplete to the elapsed time and the comeback fails: 14-12 for Belle Plaine, the final score.

Is a week really short for the Titans. Every year the trade union of teachers index is a break of two days called MEA Break (Minnesota Educator's Academy) to organize meetings and refresher courses. This means not going to school Thursday and Friday, forcing the football team to play on Wednesday evening. The opponent this week is the Norwood-Young America.

The game starts in the right direction, and we are going to sign with a stroke length of 6 yards of our QB Gabe Robinson. Things go from bad to worse in defence, when we give away 3 first downs to the opponents because of false starts and pass interference. In the last 90 seconds of the first half, the opponent's attack failed to score the touchdown 6-6, recover an onside kick and score an additional touchdown on a hail mary to 4 seconds from the end. When we go back to the field for the second time do not play more with the same intensity and lose the last game of the regular season 18-6.

Our schedule was the most difficult of all the other teams in our category: we played against 6 schools that have more than the double of our students, and this despite the fact that our record is 1-7, we managed to have a playoff game at home against Sibley East (against which we have recorded our only victory of the season) the next Tuesday, in the post-season is valid for the title in district 3AAA.

Let's go back to play in a Montgomery cold; the temperature reaches again the -2 degrees celsius. Our style of play almost always involves two runningback in the backfield, but Kayden Factor, one of the two runningback owners, it is stretched, the hamstring against Norwood Young America, and failed to recover in time for the challenge of the playoffs.
It's up to us to receive the kickoff opening, and the first action in the attack on Mason and O'malley, the other runningback holder, is injured and is forced to leave. As you can deduce, an attack based on the running game without its two tips of the diamond certainly has more difficulty than usual, which is regularly checked. The Titans are defeated 27-0, finally the season.

Unfortunately, the season did not go according to my expectations and hopes. From the receiver, I would have never expected to find myself in a team that throughout the season he has completed only 31 passes for 308 yards and scored 42 total points. If I am repeatedly, so before the choice of going to any other school in the United States, however, stay right here in Montgomery with my Titans. I think that ties in with the teammates that I have managed to create is worth more than a record of the positive or of any win in the playoffs. I remember the first training I thought that I would not have had the chance to play, because almost all of my classmates seemed to be faster and stronger than me and what I was accustomed to see in Italy. In spite of everything are able to earn a regular place in attack, defense and special teams in the team of the JV and are able to play at least a drive in all the matches of the Varsity.

I had a coach that, with patience, they taught me a lot and I learned a new position, since in Italy I had never played in defence. The experience, therefore, I consider this to be really positive, and I bring home a bag of tricks that I will definitely be useful to continue to play once returned to Turin.

With the season, it also concludes my series of short stories transatlantic from Montgomery, Minnesota. After the football season, is shortly to begin the basketball, but this is another story. I wanted to thank the Director of the Huddle Magazine John Hooks, for having given me the opportunity to tell you about my experience in an american high school and all the readers who have had the patience to read and follow my adventure up to here. I hope that this series of articles may be useful to you, the readers, to better understand how it works the football in the secondary schools the americans, and maybe dispel some of the myth or mistaken belief. It was fun to be a “journalist” for a few months.

Note from the Director: I Want to thank you so much Riccardo for his beautiful story not only of the football season, Titans of Montgomery, but also for showing us how is the life of a student in a small american community.

Thanks to Devin Anne Reyes for the pictures

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