A season with the Titans in Montgomery


Published on Aug 13, 2019


Riccardo Sheet will pass the fourth year of high school in Montgomery (Minnesota) in addition to the study will be part of the Varsity Team of his high school. We asked him to tell us about her adventure in the States, here's the first episode.

In a few days will start the adventure that I was waiting for a long time: from the high-school Italian I will be a Senior in an american High School. A year and a half ago, I turned to an organization that specializes in programs in Exchange for attending my fourth year of high school in the United States. At the beginning of may, I was chosen by a family to Montgomery, a small village of 3000 inhabitants, a hundred miles south of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I started playing football in march of 2018, with the under-16 of the Jaguars Turin after an experience of 4 years of Flag Football, but the love of this sport dates back to several years before, when as a child, with my father, we watched the games of the then St. Louis Rams.
For this reason, the first thing I checked when I was assigned to the family was that the High School had a Football team, and fortunately that was that.

As soon as possible, I contacted the coach to introduce myself and send you the video of the highlights of the past season; I was amazed at the speed of the response and the enthusiasm with which they welcomed me into the team, and gave me all the information needed for bureaucratic procedures to be able to take the field as soon as possible, once arrived at the destination. One thing that has struck me particularly is that in order to validate their registration in the team must declare to have viewed the video and all the legislation relating to the “Concussion Protocol”. In these videos we explain the nature of the head trauma, how to recognize him through the main symptoms, the actions to be taken in the immediate and all the way doctor to follow before being permitted again to take the field.
In addition, for the registration, you must provide a detailed clinical picture on their physical conditions.

After you have completed this bureaucratic process I have seen appear my name in the roster of the Varsity of the Tri-City United Titans. This is how I discovered that the colors of the team are heavenly and black helmet and silver, and that all three of the countries that make up the school district (Montgomery, The Center and Lonsdale) flock excited to support the Titans.

A few days after the appearance of my name in the roster of the team, I received a message from a mother of one of my future companions, who is the coordinator of the “Boosters” of the TCU Titans, which gave me the welcome, and I provided the contact details for my classmates on Facebook. what I did immediately.

If you are wondering who are the Boosters, the explanation is very simple: it is a group of parents that oversees the organization of all activities relating to the Football teams. The activities of which, for now, I have been informed are: the sale of the merchandising dedicated to the players and the fans, and above all, the organisation of meals pre-or post-game for the players and coach, in addition to the supply of Gatorade to the athletes during the games. For these activities, are involved the families of the players, in groups of 6 or 7 in rotation, to prepare the meals.

I was very happy to have had the opportunity to break the ice with my new team-mates before you even get to Montgomery, by solving the embarrassment of facing the first day of school without knowing anyone.
Now I can't wait to leave, because the calendar is quite urgent: the workouts are just getting started, on the 24th of August, there will be a scrimmage with Glencoe-Silver Lake Sibley East, and on the 29th it will already be time for the first league match against Waseca, the last year he has beaten 56-7. We hope to overturn the result!

We will resend after that game, when I will tell you my experience and my approach with the “Friday Night Lights”.ù




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