A school of combat with lightsabers opens in the USA

Published on Oct 17, 2016

To use the weapon of the Jedi, serving method, and discipline. This school will teach us how to do it.

This is the weapon of the Jedi Knights, it is not clumsy or erratic as a folgoratore. It is elegant, for a time more civilized.

So Obi-Wan on the “first” Star Wars: A new hope, described to the astonished Luke Skywalker, the weapon par excellence of the Jedi knights, the lightsaber.

In the collective imagination this weapon is so essential but at the same time extremely powerful, is a mystical object, permeated by a sort of deep religiosity, so much so that only those in which the Strength is revealed, they can handle it with mastery.

Is not a secret that the generation of Star Wars, from an early age, he has always identified in any thing that resembled a sword, the Lightsaber (the original name of the Sword Laser of the Jedi knights. With a “swoosh” and “woom” to imitate the sound of the cleaving of the light, fighting for the game as the Jedi and their elegant movements of galactic swordsmen.

Wield a laser sword, however, is not a game, we are not faced at the battle of technology, but the rough medieval knights: use a laser sword is an art, indeed, a true ritual!

For this reason, LudoSport, by years, is already present throughout Europe with its academies, has recently opened a school of fighting with lightsabers in the United States, to San Francisco to be precise.
Those of LudoSport take the fight with lightsabers very seriously, with specific guidelines on the movements and their proper execution:

There are seven different forms of combat with lightsabers and the ten basic rules.
Just as is the case with the colors of belts in karate, students swordsmen have to wear the uniform corresponding to their level of skill with the lightsaber. They are evaluated on the basis of experience, skill and technique (probably by some teacher who thinks he's a modern Obi-Wan Kenobi). Attending class and participating in real duels organized by the same LudoSport, you will be able to earn points. The scores obtained, made available on-line after each duel, will be used to level up.

In the following video you can see the results that you can achieve by attending this school:

Other schools have opened in the United States, but LudoSport is a completely different reality, a true school of combat with swords laser focused on the racing and the competition.

I admit that I would not hesitate for a second to enroll at this school, finally someone who could hone my broken and clumsy blows of the sword laser. I am certain, however, that already at the first lesson beccherei pull the ears: “be Calm young padawan, hurry, and excitement, to the dark side it will lead you!”

Also you would want to follow the lessons of this school of combat with lightsabers? Please let us know with a comment below.

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