A sandwich at the honey jam, the mulberry tree, thanks


Published on Mar 19, 2020


1/7Kaya Doi, Ciri and Cirirì in the forest of delights, Terredimezzo2/7Kaya Doi, Ciri and Cirirì in the forest of delights, Terredimezzo3/7Kaya Doi, Ciri and Cirirì in the forest of delights, Terredimezzo4/7Kaya Doi, Ciri and Cirirì in the forest of delights, Terredimezzo5/7Kaya Doi, Ciri and Cirirì in the forest of delights, Terredimezzo6/7Kaya Doi, Ciri and Cirirì in the forest of delights, Terredimezzo7/7Kaya Doi, Ciri and Cirirì in the forest of delights, Terredimezzo

Today is a comfort book, a book of those you read, read, admire, and when you close the volume, are you more happy. Kaya Doi with Ciri and Cirirì in the forest of delights, exact, and rich japanese-style, throws us into a story of lush nature, but cozy, tidy, beautiful... a world functioning of a magic discrete, hidden, never loud, never boisterous. The world is simply beautiful, and the inhabitants of the forest as well, as if it were normal.

Ciri and Cirirì cone a couple of girls from red cheeks and bob corvino, who live in a small house of wood from the porch red, right at the entrance of the forest. Put their bicycles on a hot day and cozy, depart for a ride in the woods. The magnificent embroideries of fir trees, fir-trees, the colourful reflections of the flowers, the ribs of a thousand shades of the tree trunks frame the meetings that they know of magic and toys, pudding, and freshly baked cake.

The small "Drin drin! Drin drin! When they ride in the woods, they smell delicious": "is the bar of wood!". A lodge of the white-washed walls and the roof in dark wood, with a red door, and aromatic herbs hanging naturally, with a chimney smoking, and a wooden bench kindly placed nearby.

The sign vergata elegantly on the round of a tree trunk invites us to enter and, in fact, as soon as you cross the threshold, the magic manifests itself in all its glory: chairs and chairs of different shapes and sizes are combined with tables from the most diverse styles, so that everyone can feel comfortable. The two girls settle down on two wooden chairs are comfortable and perfect, next to the two of them the bees from antennas vezzosamente colored sipping their herbal tea violet, poured it in the cups of glass and resting on the delightful doilies to decked. The two girls served coffee to the acorns and herbal tea to the lotus flowers: "what a delight!". A joy for the eyes, it becomes a joy for the taste and smell in the sensory involvement that starts from your eyes, but touches all the senses. The attention and love of the fox, who manages the bar is evident in the gestures and quiet in the small details that do not underestimate the shapes of the cups, the saucers of the payload, the centerpieces... The imagination of the author, japanese is rich, almost fairy, if it were not that each item described could easily be in the cupboard of our kitchen, or perhaps in a dolls ' house or to a bar in the woods!

The flowers, the bushes, the different trees are described with detail and combine to create an ambience that is addictive. The journey of Ciri and Cirirì stops for a bite to eat at the sandwich shop in the woods "that sells sandwiches of all shapes and jams of all colors". I leave you to imagine all forms of bread, cakes and containers of jam, well-arranged by mr. tanuki... and there is no need to say that the sandwich with honey and blackberry jam mulberry is mouth-watering. Among ponds, trees, bears, and rabbits.. the twilight guide, the two girls to the hotel of the forest. Enjoy the lamps, and the keys and the decks of the check,... The final under the stars among the songs happy of all, and the warm lamps of the street lights warm a crown a memorable day.

Fauna and flora of the japanese are celebrated with great proclamations, only for their beauty: the stretch gentle illustrator is wonderful and the white spaces that surround the volumes of the figures seem to be luminous emanation of the life of each character and tree. The story is nothing more than an adventure of a summer day, but it becomes a sensory experience, full and intense, not a dream – mind you – just no, but a trip in the real world, at least in the eyes of the two girls protagonists!

A story dripping with care, attention, because the writing and the illustration are impregnated, a breath of fresh air to read in this threshold of the spring so strange.

P.S. the only linguistic note: "now, however, he came up with a little hunger," translation with a pronoun wrong (the singular for the plural "their"), choose the path of orality, where the phenomenon is almost universal, but in my opinion insert a note out of place, in a perfect book.

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