A remaster of Shenmue could be a reality

Published on Jan 06, 2017

If you are among those who cheered at the announcement of Shenmue III to Yu Suzuki last year, there might be good news incoming.

Sega Europe has registered the domains “ShenmueHD.com” and “ShenmueRemastered.com”: in the past few months, the publisher had repeatedly said it wanted to explore new ways to release his classics, then the possibility that an actual remaster arrives on the market is not to be excluded. It is not yet clear whether the collection or the HD version of one of the first two chapters. Of course, this information is to be taken with tongs, because the two domains in question have not yet posted anything.

In the meantime, Suzuki, spurred on by the Kickstarter campaign the most successful ever, continues to work on Shenmue III, regardless of the choices of the Saw. In addition, the past few days, in view of the openings of the pre-orders of the title on PC, the development team wished a happy new year to his fans with a special postcard.


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