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Published on Jul 16, 2019


Surely among you there are those who are already familiar with Attack on Titan 2: it is a video game, already released in march of 2018, and of which the Final Battle is a new chapter created especially for all fans of the original work of Hajime Isayama who want to relive the events narrated in the third season of the anime, which I had the pleasure to follow and review (here is my review of the last episode that aired). This is an additional content that can be included in a bundle that also contains the full game (and it is just the case of copy between my hands), but the owners of the base game can also be purchased separately, if want to spend 49,99 euros, a figure that is really insane for a few hours of play.

Let us now turn to a brief analysis of the complete edition of the A. O. T. 2 – the Final Battle.


In the title there are several game modes:

This variety of options allows users to enjoy the experience of the game by putting himself to the test in ways that are always different.


Speaking of the gameplay of the title, you will notice that if one side is incredibly satisfying take down the Giants of a different size using saw blades, Lances of Lightning, or even fire-arms and, of course, your Device to Move three-Dimensional, on the other, very often the battles are very chaotic, so follow the action at times could prove to be complex. In addition to this, the use of switching Devices three-Dimensional in itself is not always fluid, and you may find yourself stuck somewhere, even during combat, which prevents you sometimes see where you find the character, because of the camera that's part of what forced some sections of the screen, so you cannot have a visual correct.

For a greater involvement on the part of the players, then, some movies will be in the first person, but the gameplay is, however, always in the third.

During the clashes, and in general in the Story Mode you can help your comrades and talk with them in order to strengthen your friendship, which will unlock a few short side-quests and even new Abilities for your character.

The title also includes some Role-playing elements: carrying out missions, you can get Skill Points to spend in order to equip those that you prefer, always with the limit of the PA that will have at that time, so not always you can use in battle all the skills and the objects in your possession. In addition, it is also possible to purchase, modify, and enhance various types of equipment.

The game is available with japanese audio and subtitles in Italian and also provides for two different types of saving:

Uploads are pretty quick, and when you're not on the field of battle, you can also you teleport quickly from one point to another or in close proximity to some of the characters to be able to speak with them.


A. O. T. 2 Final Battle is a video game designed specifically for fans of the work of Hajime Isayama who want to immerse themselves in this story in the first person. Despite some problems in the gameplay, the title is a fun and frenetic action game whose longevity is guaranteed by the various game modes available. Thanks also to a good level of customization, the experience overall is nice, also because it is accompanied by a narrative of fluid, which incorporates much closer to the original manga.

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