A new video game Alien is in development!


Published on Jan 18, 2018


Upon the acquisition by FoxNet of Cold Iron Studios, producers of such titles as City of Heroes, BioShock: Infinite, Metroid Prime 3, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and the upcoming Marvel Strike Force, it was revealed that the software house is currently developing a new video game Alien shooter for PC and consoles set in the universe film in the franchise created by Ridley Scott.

There are still no specific details on the game, but the CEO of Cold Iron Craig Zinkievich, in a press release, he wanted to talk about the project in the aftermath of the acquisition by FoxNet:

We believe in the vision of FoxNext and we are excited about the opportunity to explore the universe, surprising and rich.

Our background in the construction of online worlds exploitation in the interactive level of the franchise established, are in line with our product roadmap for the future. I can't wait to share more information.

Also Aaron Loeb, president of FoxNet, wanted to underline the commitment and the great expectations for the new title:

Cold Iron Studios has an extraordinary talent in the design, creation and development and we are excited to welcome them to FoxNext Games as we pursue our goal of creating an offer is multi-platform and multi-genre games exceptional.

I was always a fan of the work of Cold Iron Studios, and all of us on FoxNext Games we are excited to work with them while creating a world full of action and full of the mysteries of the universe Alien.

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Source: Geektyrant

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