A new concept art of Star Wars Land at night raises the level of hype on the new park

Published on Nov 20, 2016

Here's the new concept art of theme park Star Wars Land of the night that will make you dream...

A new post appeared yesterday on the DisneyParks Blog is raising again the hype around the project of Star Wars Land, the area of the park, Disney's Hollywood Studios (Florida) that will be reserved for a saga sci-fi that does not need presentations.

This is basically the concept art of the park, which appeared online some time ago already, but in a night version. Based on the presence of the X-Wing Poe Dameron in the foreground, we can perhaps venture the hypothesis that it is that part of the park dedicated to the new Star Wars movies, presented by Harrison Ford during a special that aired on ABC not long ago.

Although the concept does not reveal anything new compared to what has already been seen in the past, the night view of the theme park is, if possible, even more spectacular during the day; giving us a unique vision of its kind, and that, at the moment, we can only dream of. You can click on the concept to enjoy it more in detail. In the background is also visible to the already announced attraction linked to the Millenium Falcon.

Remember that Star Wars Land is currently already under construction, but it has not yet been revealed, the date of the official opening.

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