A new adventure!


Published on Feb 19, 2020


Today I am very happy, because he started a collaboration which will offer the opportunity to all of you, my readers, to buy some of the titles reviewed on, through Lalulalà and receive them directly at home.

Sell books online it seems absurd thinking about the competition of Amazon, the idea of which, however, took the foot, talking with Laura and Corinna, you do not want to in any way compete with the online store, but re-enters in the optical Lalulalà is bringing forward: you want to offer a purchase experience, different, cared for, and respectful of the object sold and of the people involved. Products researched and tailored to the needs and the questions of the buyers. Meticulous attention to the quality and the claim to put in the foreground the relationship between adults and children, starting from the “bring it” until you get to the game sharing and imaginative.

In view of this and advise them of the books appeared to me to be very natural and an interesting occasion to offer to my readers.

For Lalulalà, or better for Laura and Corinna, I have selected and I am selecting a series of titles that I consider very important and that correspond to the shared idea of reading as a relational important.

→ Under the reviews of the chosen books, you will find the direct link to purchase the book from their online store.

→ On the site you will find all the books with related reviews, divided into different age groups.

→ On the books there is always a discount.

→ Buying from them you will have the opportunity to receive the book directly to your home: perhaps wait a few days, but what you will receive will certainly not be an anonymous package! The expectation undermines the dynamic, modern usa-casts to which we are assuefacendo.

→ At certain times and for special occasions, or publishing news there will be the possibility to buy the books with the mode preorder.


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