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Published on May 17, 2019


On June 19, 2019, the pages of issue 7 of the journal of the seinen manga in Ultra Jump, published by Shueisha, will host the start of the serialization of Kagami no Kojo, an adaptation of the novel Kagami no Kojo – The Solitary Castle in the Mirror " by Mizuki Tsujimura published by DeA Planeta Books in Italy with the title The Invisible Castle.

The manga is edited by Tomo Taketomi (Evil Heart, Romance no Kishi).

The synopsis of the novel, from the official website of DeA Planeta Books:

The invisible castle

A modern fairy-tale for all those who love Miyazaki's films and the magic of stories at the border between nightmare and dream.

A publishing phenomenon by more than half a million copies sold in Japan

At the age of thirteen Kokoro spends the days in his room, entrusting to the buzz of television with the task of appeasing the thoughts and the noises of life outside. From when things at school are made too difficult,so he decided to respond to the discomfort and pain. Disappearing.
Until the day a sudden light in the mirror kidnaps her to drag it elsewhere: in a castle inhabited by a strange little Girl and six guys who, like you, have lost something.
The innocence of dreams. The instructions for live. The courage that is needed to accept themselves. Only in accepting the challenge that the Girl from the face of the wolf offers them, Kokoro and the others will be able to find out what has brought them this far. And find each in its own way, the way of the world.
A publishing phenomenon by more than half a million copies sold in Japan, The invisible castle is a novel for everyone, it is touching, adventurous and charming. That mixes realism and magic to tell what it means to become big in the world of today.

Mizuki Tsujimura

Mizuki Tsujimura, was born and raised in Fuefuki, on the island of Honshū, is an award-winning author and he devours books from an early age. Thanks to The invisible castle won in 2018 the Japanese Bookseller Award, a coveted recognition awarded by the association of independent booksellers.

A manga for The Invisible Castle of Mizuki Tsujimura is




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