A love letter from Sirius to Marco Carta: tears of the singer to Live


Published on Nov 05, 2019


In the episode of the Live-it is Not the d'urso aired yesterday, November 4, 2019, to Mark the Paper was the guest for the first time after the acquittal in the trial that saw him accused of the theft of six t-shirts, at Milan's la Rinascente. Finally back with a smile on his face, the singer could scream his entire happiness, take off a few pebbles from the shoe seen all that has been said about him in the last 4 months. And there was also another sweet moment: the letter that Sirius, the boyfriend of Mark, has wanted to write for the singer, declare to him all his love and also to thank him because despite everything that happened, it was close to him in the most difficult moment, that of the illness of her father, who then unfortunately failed.

Marco was not expecting this surprise but was happy to read the words of her boyfriend and to listen to what he had to say, Sirius.

I understand how much need you had of me on that day, we did not have a simple period, but I hope I was at the height of your needs, in a flash, however, things have changed with the illness of the father, and you have put aside your concerns for me near. Because I was the next to have need of thee, and thou hast been Ufi mine, but if you've been there.

And still:

I hope I have eased your pain, to have you held up as you wanted and have you protected as a meritavi . For this reason today I want to tell you how happy I am we have overcome major obstacles, also falling but not slam ever. And we are still here you and I and our two little girls. Thanks love, I love you, your Ufi.

Marco moved and happy to have alongside a person such as Sirius explained that the 2019 has truly been a year of complicated, but you can now turn the page and look forward to, especially the music.

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