A look at the 2019: Washington Redskins


Published on Apr 21, 2020


At the end of the season, we offer a review of the season 2019 of the thirty-two teams in the NFL. Today is the turn of the Washington Redskins.

After four seasons and concluded with the record-breaking total of 31 victories, 32 defeats and a draw, the Redskins were expected at a year that was far more complicated of even the limited previous. The devastating injury to Alex Smith, who on November 18, 2018 has broken his right leg against the Texans, led to the choice of Dwayne Haskins with the number 15 in the Draft. The quarterback was among the top prospects on the board, not only in the role, but his talent seemed still raw for the jump in the NFL. Case Keenum, then, assured to be very few certainties in an attack in which the only note of confidence is there in the name of Adrian Peterson. With a defense among high and low, in short, was predictable, a trip into the negative well under two 7-9 consecutive collected in these last regular season.

So it was, but perhaps it went even worse than expected. The Redskins have won just one game of the first ten of the season, in a fight point to point against the Dolphins, in fact playing any kind of hope to conclude at least worthily of the year. The two consecutive wins against the Lions and Panthers have given some spark of vitality, especially in the future, but then came the other four losses to declare a 3-13 final in which there is very little you can save. If nothing else, however, Washington will come to a place of honor at the next Draft, with the possibility to select with pick number 2, who almost certainly will end up to call Chase Young, a talent from the explosive potential.

There is very little to pick between the positive notes in this disastrous season for the Redskins. Keenum was disappointed with the very few expectations of the eve, while Haskins has shown inexperience and instability. If we exclude the first two releases in the NFL against the Giants and Vikings, but the rookie has racked up numbers at least encouraging: 175 passing yards per game, with 59.1% at launch, with 7 touchdown passes against three interceptions in seven games by the starter. Peterson has done all that is possible to save a backfield otherwise quite positive that with its 898 rushing yards, plus 5 touchdowns. In an attack without diamond tips, another rookie, however, has shone out: Terry McLaurin, choice number 76 in the Draft, has racked up 919 yards receiving in 14 games played (65.6 media) and often saved the Redskins thanks to his 7 touchdowns, in addition to well 15 play over 20 yards. The contribution of Landon Collins, arrived at a very dear price as a free agent by the Giants, it was important with 117 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss and 4 pass deflected, but maybe it was legitimate to expect something more. They did not disappoint, instead, Matt Ioannidis and Montez Sweat in the front seven, leading the team with 8.5 and 7 sacks and 11.5 tackles for loss in the head, in addition to the tremendous play cornerback Quinton Dunbar, author of 8 passes deflected, 4 interceptions and has allowed just 29 receptions to the receivers opponents.

The list gets longer, as expected, in listing the negative aspects. Keenum gave just 1.707 passing yards in ten games played as a whole or by segments, with 11 touchdown passes – of which only 6 after the first positive, and two outputs, seasonal–, and 5 interceptions, and finishing the soon to be alternated with Haskins in a very little exciting fight for the spot starter. The Redskins, in fact, have ended the season in last place in the NFL for passing yards per game (175.8), and the third for touchdown passes (18). The talented Derrius Guice was again torn apart by injuries and had to stop to 245 rushing yards in the 42 courses, with 2 touchdowns. Without him the lack the number one alternative to Peterson, and the Redskins have collapsed even in the game of racing, finishing in the rear of the League for rushing yards per game (98.9) and, especially, for touchdowns (9). Washington has enjoyed the unexpected explosion of McLaurin, but, for the rest, no receiver has even approached sufficiency. So much so that at the second place for receiving yards is the runningback Chris Thompson, for another with the sun 378.

Not that the defence behaved much better. The team has allowed the third-best passer rating per game, the quarterback and opponents (102.5), the result of 238.9-yard average, with 68.7% at launch, with 35 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions. And, if possible, made worse in the face racing the enemy: second-to-last place in the NFL with 146.2 rushing yards, suffered a match, even with only 14 touchdowns and granted in all. The symbol the most obvious of the total crisis of the Redskins is probably Josh Norman: 40 tackles, 6 passes deflected and 1 interception in 12 games played, but especially 32 receptions granted to those who have addressed compared to just 46 targets.

The adventure with Jay Gruden has come to the end of the season in progress and in the worst of ways, leaving space for the 3-8 final, with his assistant, Bill Callahan. The first bang of the offseason of the Redskins exploded with the call of Ron Rivera from the Panthers, two-time Head Coach of the Year in recent years and the main protagonist of the Super Bowl 50 with Carolina. It is a shame that for the rest, there was little to smile about. The big shot answers to the name of Kendall Fuller, fresh from winning the title with the Chiefs, with an excellent agreement from $ 40 million for four seasons, but the departure of Norman – finished to the Bills – it would have deserved a replacement value. The dream Byron Jones, along with what led to Amari Cooper, has quickly vanished, though.

Speaking of receivers, nothing has been done to strengthen a department that has a vital need of reinforcements. The sun added to J. D. McKissic and Peyton Barber in the ever more confusing backfield does not seem to help. In defence it will be essential to the experience of Thomas Davis, which met with Rivera, but only talent that is Young, if it is confirmed that even in the NFL, could ribaltarne the fate in a positive sense. So many hopes, in short, for the Redskins. At the moment, however, the certainties seem to be still far too few.




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