A look at the 2019: Miami Dolphins


Published on Mar 31, 2020


We offer a review of the season 2019 of the thirty-two teams in the NFL, expectations, results, future. Today is the turn of the Miami Dolphins.

“Cultures” (countable interfaces and uncountable, plural cultures): The beliefs, values, behaviour and material objects that constitute a people's way of life. (taken from Wiktionary).

Yes, remember well. The definition of “culture” is the same way, more or less, twelve months ago, more or less, here on the pages of Huddle, our preview on 2019 of the Miami Dolphins. A team that was made to be blown up with dynamite (LOTS of dynamite) and which had been rebuilt... what was found. As we defined it, and felt to define more times during the season, “a team of runaways”. A team built scientifically to lose on purpose all the matches and arrive unmolested to choose Your Tagovailoa with the first overall pick of the draft 2020. A perfect plan. Evil, in some ways, but perfect...

I was perfect, in this world, there is nothing. And that the Miami Dolphins after a tremendous start to the season, where complete strangers called by the waiver were placed in the field after 24 hours without even having to know all the companions, let alone the playbook, they have started to mesh, and believe that which a boy of 38 years old, grew up in one of the most complicated of Brooklyn, and then forgiatosi in the tough school of Bill Belichick, was telling them. Understand that the law of T. N. T., Takes No Talent, the wall towards which everyone in the team, regardless of age, experience or salary, had to run out of excuses for every error trivial, committed in the exercise. Why, to do certain things, you don't need talent, just work hard and commit to their task. And, once the message passes, that the “runaway” start to believe, and here it becomes real. A quarterback full of sons, of years and of hairs on the chin becomes the savior of the fatherland. A play cornerback that no one has chosen in the seven rounds of the draft become the owner fixed. A defensive back is young and strong, 11th overall pick only a year before, and is shipped from another part because they believe in that project, in the vision of Brian Flores and Chris Grier. A coach and a GM color, the only pair so of the entire NFL. Two that for that, in the United States, some thing to tell they have it.

And the escaped of the house, suddenly, they become a team. Play and win games when even their fans are watching them and say: but you are fools? and Your? Your is another story, no one here thinks of Your own. Here you work, you train, you run, cursing against themselves to the devil T. N. T. to win every given Sunday against all. Even to the last, even at Foxboro, home of those there, also ruining the party of Tom Brady, and taking away the match in the next round, which probably will cost him the season. Because in Miami there are more of the runaways, there is a team. And Brian Flores, who could very well be coach of the year for what he has done, he has built his culture.

Number 1: Brian Flores. As already said, has taken a group of people trovatesi together almost randomly (but NOT randomly) and turned them into a TEAM. He led them in an exemplary way, making them grow slowly, and are highly valued by all both as a leader and as a person and earning a unanimous respect. Not a bad way to begin, really.

Number 2: Ryan Fitzpatrick. No one can understand what is particular about this man, and it is probably for this reason that the term FitzMagic is so spot on. Its limits are always there, does not suddenly become a star player. But probably with the passing of the years and teams has reached an awareness that allows him to go beyond everything, and to transmit security and peace of mind to his companions, that this year they had an absolute need. With him in the field, the Dolphins have changed the face, almost always for the better.

Number 3: DeVante Parker, and Mike Gesicki. The Dolphins were in need of testing to be sure that the treatment worked. And have found them in two of the players that most in the past were left puzzled staff and fans can only be good news. Parker has proven that he can really be the first receiver in an NFL team, and Gesicki, after the first year, a lot of complicated, he gave the certainty of which Miami did not need, especially having a series of other holes to fill on the roster that go from here to over there...

Number 1: the line offensive. Oh well, Miami is a tradition. Sad, but a tradition. This year, the department seemed to have revolving doors, so great was the number of changes, insertions and departures that have occurred during the season. Only a qb with the instinct of Ryan Fitzpatrick could play behind that slice of Emmenthaler, and one as Josh Rosen had hopes (even putting his). As they said in Cool Bueno (podcast Italian on Miami Dolphins ), asphalt all and make a parking lot.

Number 2: the pass rush. Taco Charlton, arrived at the current season, he tried a little, Charles Harris almost even that. The level of play of the interior of the defensive line was decent, but the pressure that you are supposed that should be exerted on the quarterback and opponent to be part of the external players have not ever seen. Not received. Zero.

Number 3: the running game. Kenyon Drake had kept more or less in the walk to the shack at the beginning of the season, but then, once it is clear that he had more desire and that you could get something off him and it was the turn of Kalen Ballage. And it all ended. The 1.8-yards average per flow, and the curtain falls. From then on, injured Myles Gaskin, the good will of Patrick Laird is enough just to have the certainty that served the arm of Fitzmagic.

And now, in the second year. And it will be very different.

The expectations will be different: easy to do good when nobody expects anything, is now you, looking at you in a different way that you have to prove something. Now that even the media that yesterday you spernacchiavano say “This was NOT tanking!” (heard with my own ears on the NFL Network) that things start to get interesting.

The landscape will be different: there is more Tom Brady not the Patriots. It makes a certain effect to say, and then the Patriots I will not be gone, but to secure the AFC East for the first time in 20 years, it has become on the card a division open and contendibile. Many of our readers don't even remember (or even were not there) the last time it was so...

The offseason is and will be different, but last year was blood, sweat and tears, this year... no. The blood, sweat and tears taxes by Chris Grier gave him a capital of impressive by making profit. Almost $ 100 million free on the cap and 14 choices in the draft 2020 are a priceless treasure with which the Dolphins are going to present the collection. The beginning of free agency was crackling, but compared to the times in which Stephen Ross liked to make it rain cheques around, the investments have been much more targeted, appreciated almost unanimously and clearly oriented to find the right pieces of the puzzle. Waiting for the draft and the time when, a few minutes after the start of the first round, the Miami Dolphins will select their quarterback of the future.

And the fans? Well...




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