A look at the 2019: Los Angeles Rams


Published on Apr 04, 2020


We offer a review of the season 2019 of the thirty-two teams in the NFL, expectations, results, future. Today is the turn of the Los Angeles Rams.

The lesson of football suffered by Sean McVay from Bill Belichik to Atlanta, he had definitely left his mark in Los Angeles, so much so that trust in the team had dropped a lot even among the insiders. Not enough, however, to prevent nearly all of the experts predict that the NFC West it would have been a private affair between the Rams and Seahawks, with Los Angeles the winner often by a neck.

The three major issues also weighed like boulders on the season 2019 of the Rams: in which state was really the knee of Todd Gurley? And the defense would have held up the abandonment of ‘Ndamukong Suh and Lamarcus Joyner? Finally, the line of attack would have been the same performance without center John Sullivan and guard Rodger Saffold?

After an encouraging start only from the point of view of the results obtained with the icing in the decisive victory over the Saints, the Rams suffered a stop unexpectedly losing a game of absurd against Tampa Bay (undergoing, 55 points), the challenge with Seattle earns a field goal as time expired, and falling badly at home against the surprise of the season: the San Francisco 49ers. The Rams are shooting thanks to two victories against the Falcons and Bengals (in London), but they couldn't find a good balance, alternating matches, good wins against the Bears and Seahawks) performance embarrassing (among all the brushed victories against the Baltimore Ravens. Also lost the last train to a wild card thanks to the defeat in the last second against the 49ers in Santa Clara, the Rams found themselves out of the playoffs and with a million question marks.

The answer to the three questions initial, however, had arrived. The knee of Todd Gurley, despite the constant reassurances, he slowed down not a little, causing a decrease in both the number of balloons carried in the media flow, increased from 4.9 2018 to 3.8 2019. The defense had all held up well to the absence of Suh on the line and that of Joyner in the backfield. The line of attack, however, had fallen miserably to the first injury, finding a certain compactness only in the final part of the season, after Austin Blythe had been moved from Guard to Center.

The defence was definitely the only department that, at the end of the season, can all boast of a positive balance sheet, despite the fact that three scattered shifts that have allowed Ravens and Cowboys have to pleasure of the Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to score 55 points all in a bang, a real record, if you consider that the Buccaneers had never passed the threshold of the 50 points scored in a game since their birth. With respect to the 2018 improved its positions compared to the other teams in points allowed (20 to 17), in the yard, and suffered (from 19 to 13), the steps (14 to 12), in average rushing yards per attempt (from last to 9), confirming that the loss of Suh has been well absorbed, also because the, the playoffs, the performance of the former Dolphins were not so decisive in 2018. Surely Aaron Donald has received a lot more attention, with an increase of double (and sometimes was even tripled), but even in this scenario, the number 99 has remained in contention until the last for the third award in a row as the Defender of the year.

Clay Matthews, as long as it has remained healthy, has compensated the decrease of the sack by Donald and Corey Littleton has established itself as one of the best linebacker in the circulation, with Fowler that has created not a few difficulties to the opponents ' attacks from his position of edge rusher. In the secondary the experience of Eric Weddle has led to the immediate growth of the rookie Taylor Rapp, who has carved out a space of primary importance and, once lost, is Talib that Peters, the secondary of the Rams has kept beating, despite the injuries in the chain, mainly thanks to the engagement of Jalen Ramsey, cost a fortune in the choices, but that he immediately repaid the decision to take it.

If the defense is the only department that has shown a bit of continuity in the past season, all the rest of the team has had, more or less, different problems. In the attack on the division of the rates between Gurley, Brown, and Henderson has not brought the desired results, obtaining only in order not to get into a rhythm game, none of the three runner, and except for the good response of Henderson, which bodes well for next season, the running game of the Rams has always been rather poor, causing the waterfall to big problems for the rest of the attack. It is not a mystery, in fact, that without a play-action credible, the pattern of the Rams should be in suffering, and Jared Goff is having to deal with a defense that can do less than a man for respecting the race and send him into cover. The game of Goff himself has suffered a steep decline to a competition of factors including, precisely, the lack of the running game, a line no more impenetrable as the past year, and a series of decisions taken or too quickly or with poor decision-making ability. In spite of everything Goff has managed to place itself in the first places of the rankings are reserved for the quarterback, but needs to be done, the tare excluding everything gained in garbage time and, above all, you should consider the 10 touchdowns thrown in less than the 2018, against four interceptions in the most.

The line of attack has followed the evolution of the team: a positive start but with reserve, then the defeat at the first injury of the Noteboom and the final collapse with the injuries of Havenstein and Allen have forced McVay to redesign the layout of the whole line, moving Blythe first tackle and then centre, and to throw into the fray also Edwards and Evans, in addition to acquire Austin Corbett via trade. After a few games of adjustment, the line offensive, so re-assembled (Whitworth – Corbett – Blyhte – Edwards – Evans) has managed to finish the season with dignity, but it was too late.
A veil should be spread on special teams who, after years of magic, this year they gave a show to the edge of unwatchable, culminating in that impossible to fake punt from their own 30 yard line against the Steelers finished with an interception that probably cost him the re-election of coach John Fassell.

There is an air of spring-cleaning in the house, Rams. To open the dances we thought Michael Brockers, who went to Baltimore (and then return and sign a three-year contract with the Los Angeles...), followed by Corey Littleton, Dante Fowler, Nickell Robey-Coleman and Greg Zuerlein, which will be added to the withdrawal of Eric Weddle, and with the likely departure of Marqui Crhistian. The bomb of the offseason, however, was the decision to cut Todd Gurley, a sign that the doubts on his knee to apply obviously, the 20 million on the cap, the Rams need to eat to have decided to release the running back from Georgia. Cleaning not only between the players but also in the sideline, considering that the Rams have not renewed the contract to Wade Phillips, espousing a new defensive coordinator from the ideas of “more modern” as Brandon Staley.

Without early draft picks for the 2020 and 2021, and the decisions made in the moment of the All-In last season that began to show the account, the Rams are not placed very well to deal with the season 2020, but it is also true that, apart from the acquisition of a couple of defenders (Robinson from Detroit, and Floyd from Chicago) has not yet seen practically nothing of the strategy that the front office wants to follow to deal with the adversities of this off season.
The Draft and free agency will be decisive for the future of Los Angeles more than at other times. McVay and Snead will play a lot in these months, and should seek to demonstrate to all have the situation under control.
The problem is: I have seriously the situation under control?




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