A look at the 2019: Los Angeles Chargers


Published on Mar 27, 2020


At the end of the season, we offer a review of the season 2019 of the thirty-two teams in the NFL, expectations, results, future. Today is the turn of the Los Angeles Chargers.

On the eve of the hundredth NFL season, the Chargers were, according to USA Today, the favorites to win the Super Bowl 54. Came from a record of 12 wins and 4 losses which was achieved despite the injuries to Hunter Henry and Denzel Perryman and the season 2019, it seemed like the perfect seal for Philip Rivers, which would have closed after a 16-year career with the much-coveted ring on his finger. The veteran quarterback could in fact count, at least on paper, the team is more balanced in the league, and, in spite of the injury sustained in the offseason to Derwin James and the holdout of Melvin Gordon, he could attempt a last, or almost all, of the storming of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Evil, evil, evil. On the whole, the season of the Chargers was a defeat more than unexpected, and the losangelini have finished with a record almost the opposite to what one could predict at the beginning of the season.

The season would not have gone as planned had started to understand at Detroit, in Week 2, when to a minute from the end, from 13 to 10, the ball is thrown in from Rivers to Keenan Allen had fallen between the hands of Darius Slay. On 3 November, on the eve of the game against the Packers, the Chargers were playing a record of 3 wins and 5 defeats. That win against the Packers seemed to be the turning point of the season, because, in addition to the challenges with the Chiefs, Rivers and his companions waited in a calendar drop-down, which might have helped to revive the fortunes of the team.

As we well know, did not go well, and the former franchise of San Diego, between a bad performance and another, he ended the season with a record of 5-11, which at least will allow you to have the sixth choice in the next draft.

In nothing short of a disappointing season 2019, the defense of the Chargers has, however, proved to be largely sufficient, and it is certainly the department which showed less difficulties in the course of the regular season. Joey Bosa was confirmed as one of the best defensive ends in the entire league despite the infortuinio at the foot of a year ago and it was definitely the best player of the Chargers in 2019. Good were also the performance of the other defensive end holder, Melvin Ingram, and play cornerback Casey Hayward. The age advances (both of which passed 30 years) but the performance seem to drop.

From the offensive side, next to Keenan Allen, the author of a solid performance, and returned to Hunter Henry, are brillati Mike Williams and, especially, Austin Ekeler. The first one has finished the season with an average of 20.4 yards per reception, the best statistics from the 2014, while the second one is put in put using the holdout of Melvin Gordon and after a great season even with 8 TD on the receipt, it has earned a contract of 4 years to 24 million, 15 guaranteed.

The line offensive, it now remains for years among the worst in the league, and Philip Rivers has been too often a victim of the pressure opposing. The QB native of Alabama but had faults, and despite the excellent statistics, made report of his readings were very often insufficient, and also the physique, especially the arm, is no longer what it once was. Is still a good quarterback in the next season will try to tell her, even if almost definitely a different team.

Despite the excellent performance of Austin Ekeler the running game this year has clearly been insufficient, resulting in even the first team since 1946 to not exceed 40 yards rushing for four consecutive games. Melvin Gordon with his holdout is not only able to get a rich contract, but he also played the regular place.

Another big problem of the season of the Chargers was, however, the coaching staff, which is proven not to the height of the situation. The calls of the coach were sometimes “trivial”, especially on the offensive side, and this was put in place at offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt during the season.

The bench of the Team remains the same this year, with Shane Steichen, who has been confirmed as offensive coordinator.

The most important news was the announcement of Philip Rivers, who spent all sixteen of his seasons in the NFL between San Diego and Los Angeles, has chosen to test the free agency and become the new quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. The role of QB will be the node most important to dissolve between free agency and the draft and the GM Tom Telesco will have to think about what to do. The opinion is currently shared is to take the first round, even via a trade up, a QB, young but with a background of 4 years of college by the holder as Justin Herbert. For the Chargers there would be a third possibility or take Your Tagovailoa, doing playing this year starter Tyrod Taylor and waiting for a year to deploy to the QB former Alabama.

Hunter Henry is tagged, it remains to be seen if it will also play in 2020 for the Chargers to be signed or will be traded before the start of the next season. For the rest, you will have to improve, and not just, the line offensive. In this optic was good, the signature of the OT Bryan Bulaga. You will also need to find a running back in the draft, to be attached to Austin Ekeler and try to improve the defense, perhaps with the addition of a good defensive tackle or a play cornerback in the second to the fifth round.




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