A look at the 2019: Cleveland Browns


Published on Apr 13, 2020


At the end of the season, we offer a review of 2019 for the thirty-two teams in the NFL. Today is the turn of the Cleveland Browns.


In a different way, for once, had to go in a different way. Instead of the emoji in the house Browns remains, for the umpteenth year, and the smiley face pouting.

In Cleveland it seemed like you could point at the top coming to an end in 2018 with the positive trend: the team of Ohio had put previously in black and white the addition of Kareem Hunt to 1 year while not knowing when the suspension of the former star of Kansas City would be a long one. In the plans of Kitchens, the running back that is downloaded from the team, Andy Reid would have had to refill the reservoir of the Browns mid-season to help the team to reach the post-season is waiting, as the rain in the desert; it was the January 5, 2003, the day the Browns played the last game of the playoffs of their recent past. On the bench sat coach Butch Davis, and the 62.595 spectators of the Heinz Stadium watched their team crumble on the more beautiful against the rival Pittsburgh, the most hated, who made half a last quarter 22-9 valid for the comeback victorious, final 36-33 with a touchdown to Chris Fuamatu-Ma afala 54 seconds from the end. Cleveland was ahead 24-7, and from that moment on, the gates of hell opened to the Dawg Pound, who still today is to descend to the deepest of its group stage, not even the exception of the record 10-6 in 2007 was enough to review the light of the post-season, and the torment of Dante continues unabated...

So let's skip ahead to the 13 march 2019, when the front office with the Browns staged a blockbuster trade with the New York Giants to secure the services of Odell Beckham Jr., arrived to Cleveland in exchange for the 17th pick overall at the draft 2019 (Dexter Lawrence), and the 3rd rounder of the same iteration (Oshane Ximines) and Jabrill Peppers. The exchange is to dream of the fans, confident of the talent of the star in the receiving and confident in the arm of a QB as Mayfield on what aim high does not seem to heresy. The defence of Steve Wilks has character and quality and there are all the cards in rule to take the field and contend for the division with the Ravens.


The 6 defeats in the first 8 days explain everything.

Already from the opening game against the Titans, we understand that the ship takes on water at various points and the irrepressible enthusiasm of the kick-off turns into a wave of boos and disapproval of the fans that leave the stadium the desert while the race is still in progress. Cleveland is sinking in embarrassment, Mayfield is unrecognizable, OBJ, turns the face from the other side not caring about defense and not risk your neck to support an attack unwatchable. But the month of September is not so negative, because if the Titans and Rams wins in the home of the Browns, the team Bakerone stormed the field of the Jets and that even the most difficult of the Ravens leaving perceive the beginning of the season, as a simple adjustment phase. October, however, brings with it a calendar-prohibitive: Niners and Saehawks beat the Browns, and even the Bye week reverses the trend because of the recovery in the Patriots 'and Broncos' affect without mercy. These 4 consecutive defeats bend the legs, and the economies of the Browns sink before the time in spite of the illusory recovery in November. Will finish 6-10 and third place in the AFC North is among the most sad in recent years because the margins in order to compete, there were all.


Nick Chubb. The running game is the only response to the heavy defections of Mayfield, and Chubb, in its second year, grows in an exponential manner: 1.772-yard pass with 8 TD! Numbers fabulous those of the native of Cedartown, GA, which drew the personal account of the touchdown in 2018, but explodes for 600 yards plus combined between race and receipt; 3 fumbles, there are many, one of which has sent the team to its knees, but Chubb has had more pressure than expected on the shoulders, and with its performance it did seem Kareem Hunt superfluous. Unfortunately, Chubb has not received adequate support from his teammates, with the exception of the always sharp Jarvis Landry with 1.174 yards and 6 TD has put in the shade the total Odell Beckham.

In defence Joe Schobert has played a great season: he has 4 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles and 1 recovered, 2 sacks and 133 tackles for a combined 89 of which only. The linebacker has missed the selection to the Pro Bowl.

There is no other in my opinion.


The list of bad risks breaking spaces, granted, but let's go with order: the implosion of Baker Mayfield is hard to digest, the signals that the QB had given in 2018 were encouraging, only they close a season with 22 touchdowns and 21 interceptions in a season is unbelievable. The veteran OC Todd Monken has his responsibility in this.

The Mayfield saw in 2019 I have often been reminded of a player who in the last few years I have considered the anti-fooball for excellence, Jay Cutler, and I am not spared in comparing Baker to former catastrophe of the Windy City. His attitude was the loser, and the more than 3,800 yards don't mean anything. Mayfield is the symbol of failure because he had staked everything, and when a first overall pick holes in this way, there are no excuses!

I continue calling Myles Garrett, the second culprit of the disaster. If Mayfield addossiamo the faults of the attack, Garrett is not, save those of the defense, but more than that seen in the field, where the DE has recorded good numbers (remember the 10 sack), with him you can do nothing other than use the stick to-via of a fight against the Steelers because a sample of that calibre and representative of the Cleveland franchise (which, though troubled, remains one of the most important in the history of the american football) MAY NOT BEHAVE THAT WAY. Garrett has acted on instinct like an animal making a gesture away from the direction of the sport in an attempt to hit Mason Rudolph even with the helmet, and such action has damaged the ethics of this sport and even more so his team, leaving her to walk in the most difficult time. The research of the redemption staff will go through 2020, but on his head hang heavy doubts on this point.

Another one with the head there was is right is the newly arrived OBJ, for Beckham over 1K yards, but the attitude on the field is superficial and lazy, little involved, and seemingly disinterested. A superstar of the game as he can not afford the luxury of a walk in the field to gather daisies, especially in the Midwest where football is made of mud and blood. If the spotlight of New York light up unduly for a catch, those of Ohio, without dents on the elbows does not turn on not even. The first women here have a short life because this is the american soil where the football indoctrinates to faith, and who does not tear the soul for the love of the game, there is gratitude. Dead weight.

The second year of Beckham to the Browns in front of several question marks, but the media power of his name seems destined to fade.

We conclude by a reflection on the coach Freddie Kitchens, for which the preparation of the Huddle Magazine had already expressed little confidence in an episode of “Sorry for the disturbance” of the beginning of October, when the experience of the coach in question was by us found to be inadequate to be able to manage a handful of talents are difficult to mix in the alchemy of the game and during the season they have acted primarily as loose dogs. A head coach the NFL needs to be ruthless, always, in order to avoid a season ill-fated as that of the Browns 2019.


Another round, another run.

The full bench of the Browns has felt the neck of the boot strike from the bottom, and Kitchens, Monken and Wilks took the sheet away. Comes to the help of the sideline, Kevin Stefanski, who after having worked as an assistant of any kind to the Vikings in the last 14 years, takes the helm of the boat for the first time in his career. Personally, I find the choice to as questionable from the moment that the inexperience of the Kitchens we have seen the results achieved, with the 37-year-old Stefanski, I would not expect improvements of any kind. But the rest is ready to apologize.

To support in the management of the attack will be Alex Van Pelt, former coach of Aaron Rodgers the Packers, and here is a little bit of experience there; Van Pelt will certainly help the dynamics of the work of Mayfield in an attempt to put it back on track.

For the role of defensive coordinator instead, here's Joe Woods, one of the coaches who forged the defending champion of the Super Bowl (50) in Denver. Coach sailed and the order of the other coordinator on the bench, will have the responsibility to bring back Garrett for the spotlight for something positive.

The Browns will look for a presumably a play cornerback to strengthen the defense, but the priority in the draft, goes to the line of attack to help Mayfield: with the 10th pick overall in the choice of one at Jedrick Williams (OT, Alabama), it would seem very sensible from the moment that Greg Robinson does not inspire much confidence in the role of the left tackle.




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