A look at the 2019: Chicago Bears


Published on Apr 03, 2020


At the end of the season, we offer a review of the season 2019 of the thirty-two teams in the NFL. Today is the turn of the Chicago Bears.

Unlike how it went!

Chicago started with major ambitions, and despite the greetings from Vic Fangio and the absence of any pick in the draft, the team of Matt Nagy was considered among the candidates for the playoffs, if only for the strength of the defense, number one (on paper); instead, right from the first snap of the season 2019 there were no problems in the maneuver offensive and the Bears, at the end, even if a few are left out from the games, although the battles with the Vikings they were both dominated.

Coming in September on the wings of enthusiasm for the domain is restored in the NFC North after the landing of Khalil Mack on the shores of lake Michigan in 2018, has produced a record of 12-4 and returned to the Bears to post-season after so many years of fasting, the team from the windy city had as a minimum goal the goal of the Wild Card, and the failure to qualify has the bitter taste of failure even if the record of 8-8 is not that bad.

The first 3&out of Mitchell Trubisky in the challenge of the centenary of the NFL against the Green Bay Packers had already raised important concerns, but collected the defeat, the reaction came to Denver with a comeback in the heart -. From that moment on, a nice victory over the Redskins, and with a backup QB Chase Daniel, who replaced Trubisky (shoulder injury), the judgment on the Vikings week 4 had restored all the moral need to Matt Nagy, in a strong 3-1.

Then there was the trip to London against the Oakland Raiders, where the Bears forgot to play for the first time; in those 30 minutes Carr and Jacobs did what it wanted, but the pride, the Bears returned to the fight, unfortunately fighting for the match for a flag. From that moment on, everything has changed, pass the slip-up at Tottenham Stadium, the "black October" line up a series of low blows that make you lose the patience the fans: the KO with the Saints is a lesson of football, while a FG of Pineiro coast game against the Chargers. Following the collapse of Philadelphia and the season goes to the legs in the air. Just need the accomplishments illusory against the Lions, Giants or against the forsaken Cowboys and in the last match with the Vikes, because when in the field down the contender-style Rams-Chiefs or Packers, Chicago, collapses, and the prospect of playing the playoffs at that point senseless.

You do not need the science to understand that the only thing that has worked realistically both the defense, because without the structure of Chuck Pagano would be here to talk about a season 3-13. David Montgomery has responded well to the pretentious expectations of the fans in to see it replace the “bulldozer” Jordan Howard shipped to the Eagles for no reason. The note of credit, however, goes to Allen Robinson II, who has been running an attack practically alone, with the WR who has ground more than 1,000 yards.

Along with these factors, we spend two words for the backup of the defence have been really good in replacing the chasms left by Smith, Hicks (heart of a bear that he played with a broken arm) and Trevathan (fresh renewal). Nick Kwiatkowski on all, and after a season like his, exactly the same 12 months ago with Bryce Callahan chased by the Broncos, time to say goodbye has come with the signing for the Raiders.

I conclude with the special team limiting myself to say that Cordarelle Patterson has taught the game of football.

Simple, Mitchell Trubisky.

We give the responsibility to the QB in his 3rd year would have had to prove that you are mature enough to compete at the levels that you would expect from a second overall pick! I attribute, however, many faults to his line because of the disaster of the pins collapsing in the pocket of Trubisky dragged to the bottom by Charles Leno, Jr. and members has catastrophic proportions. Also Gabriel and Miller have been quite absent for concussion and injury, while the main role in the attack, the tight end, has stood empty for 17 weeks of football. Trey Burton is the ghost of himself, and for this reason, and on the basis of the signature of Jimmy Graham (2 years 16M, 9 guaranteed), a cut is plausible, consider that the teams that have played in the Super Bowl last year had the two best TE in the league, but also the highlights of the triumphs of the Patriots of the year (years) first, demonstrate how a YOU quality can make all the difference when you need it. Trubisky had that in 2018 was the target audience favorite throughout the season, as she had not had in the Wild Card against the Eagles.

Sour note for the defense, instead, is Leonard Floyd, the man who will be remembered for not being able to do anything, while Khalil Mack employed in that work 2, sometimes 3 men to line the offensive opponent. The regression of Floyd pushes Chicago to sign Robert Quinn (5 years x70M, 30 guaranteed), and finally the Bears will have a pass-rusher more than a 10-sack year that helps Mack to demolish the opposing line.

To the list of bad add, finally, the name of Tarik Cohen, with its racing side pretty much useless. It may make sense to keep it only for the special teams, but the Bears need more of a fullback of old-fashioned lock.

Now, Chicago is once again at the crossroads, let me explain better: the 2020 will be the last year Trubisky except miracles or amazing results. The front office of Halas Hall has already brought home the signature of a QB veteran that can put the famous pepper (where you also know you) to Trubisky for a season, win or go home. Nick Foles comes in to Soldier Field for a season to go for broke, affair, Wednesday, march 18, with a trade for the 4th pick (140) Bears for the QB, ex-champion of the Super Bowl remains a year, and 15M guaranteed in 2019 and will not compromise the future of Chicago.

Chicago from a most advantageous position in the draft 2019 (only 4 pick): the 23rd of April there will be first/third choices, but Ryan Pace will take 2 seconds round available (pick 43, and 50). The miracle has happened, a pick, a compensatory enters the 4th round, stuff that happened when I was a child, the total of the choices available says 7.

Compared to last year the schedule should be softer, and the decisions to be taken by players on the foreign exchange regulations in the NFL, the league will open a spot for the playoffs; translated to the lovers of football weblog Midwest, for those who play in the NFC North a manna from heaven in view of the competitiveness, the highest of this historically complicated division.

Matt Nagy has tasted success in 2018, and has seen what happens in Chicago if things on the gridiron does not spin smooth. Now the truth will become wide and the coach is aware that a negative result could cost him the chair, as he also Trubisky and at the same Ryan Peace. One thing is certain, after the carnage left behind by Jay Cutler, Chicago will not lose any more time with a quarterback that they are not at the height of the work.





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