A look at the 2019: Carolina Panthers


Published on Apr 06, 2020


We offer a review of the season 2019 of the thirty-two teams in the NFL, expectations, results, future. Today is the turn of the Carolina Panthers.

In 2018, the pass back to the Panthers, with respect to the good 11-5 the previous year resulting in the defeat against the Saints in the Wild Card Game, was evident. Four victories and the feeling that if Cam Newton had been confirmed by means of a service due to accidents, the scenario would only be able to get worse. If Christian McCaffrey is proposed among the most sparkling stars of the NFL, in fact, the defense of Carolina has not given the feeling of being able to be that war machine has dragged the team to the Super Bowl 50, lost against the Broncos. Almost everything among the hands of Cam, therefore, between rebirth and collapse into an abyss even more painful.

The season of Newton, it lasted just two matches before a serious injury to his right foot, which forced him to look at the rest of the season from the sideline. However, at least in the first month abundant of absence, Kyle Allen seemed to be able to lead the Panthers to a new rescue, aided by a McCaffrey format MVP. Five wins in the first six games from the starters, defeated only by the wild Niners. Then, also because of a decline in the despite the incredible performance of the CMC, the quarterback showed all of its limits, and might even be on the bench in favor of rookie Will Grier. And the end of the season has been bleak for Carolina, with eight consecutive defeats by the 5-3 of November 3, and-worst record ever since 2011, the year in which the Draft had arrived just Newton.

You can not start from a McCaffrey that, for long stretches of the regular season, has swept the Panthers on his shoulders. The numbers are pretty crazy: 1.387 rushing yards on 287 flow rates (4.8 average) and even 15 rushing touchdowns, in addition to the 4 on the receipt, along with other 1.005 receiving yards. More difficult to appreciate, on the whole, as done by Allen in place of Newton: 9 touchdown passes and only one interception in the five victories, the initial turn in 8 flips in the end zone as well as 15 interceptions in the remaining eight defeats. Fortunately for Carolina, the first choice of the last Draft, DJ Moore, at number 24, has confirmed and even exceeded the expectations of the eve: the rookie has collected 1.175 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns, with 13 played by over 20 yards.

In defense of the positive notes are represented primarily by the line, with Mario Addison (9.5), Brian Burns (7.5), Bruce Irvin (8.5) and Gerald McCoy (5) has racked up 30 of the 53-sack team, the second most in the NFL overall. Always fundamental the contribution of Luke Kuechly, last season he played prior to the traumatic withdrawal: 144 tackles, 12 passes deflected, and 2 interceptions. It was well done for finally, the secondary, which seemed to be the weak link in the roster to the starting blocks. The grit of Eric Reid, the talent of the Three Boston and the good package of play cornerback composed by James Bradberry, Ross Cockrell and Donte Jackson have pushed the Panthers into the half positive of the NFL in terms of passing yards suffered per game (231) and quarterback rating granted to the opponents (88.0).

The season of Newton, which is expected to a return with fireworks, lasted just 89 launches, none of which turned into a touchdown pass. The initial explosion of Allen seemed to be able to complicate his future in Carolina, then it all went differently from what anyone would have expected. He had very little space for the rookie Grier, who, however, has had anything but a positive impact: 4 interceptions, and no throwing in the end zone in his first 52 attempts in the NFL. Difficult to impute faults to McCaffrey, even in the downturn of the second half of the season, in which he has never surpassed 100 rushing yards from 10 November onwards. Behind her among the runningback has created the absolute vacuum: Curtis Samuel – professional wide receiver – it stopped at the misery of 130 yards rushing. Among the receivers the same Samuel may not suffice as the only alternative to Moore, especially now that Greg Olsen, returned to high levels, is flown to the Seahawks. Jarius Wright has almost halved, although discrete, 447 yards, 2018, while the tight-end Ian Thomas does not seem to the height of the replace one as Olsen.

Even more difficult will be to bridge the chasm that date by the withdrawal of Kuechly and the other recent departures, is in a department already in great difficulty Carolina, in fact, was the fourth worst defense against the racing opponents and has allowed 143.5 yards per game, with the disproportionate number of 31 rushing touchdowns, eight more than the second in this ranking. Overall, the Panthers have scored very little, at number 20 in the NFL with a 21.2 points per game, and they have suffered a lot, by tapping the second place in the League with 29.4 points allowed average.

The disappointing regular season has led to a new radical change to posts of command: farewell to Ron Rivera, who led the Panthers for 147 games (79-67), winning for two times the title of Head Coach of the Year and leading Carolina to the Super Bowl against Denver. In his place came Matt Rhule, the first experience as a head coach in the NFL after rising through the ranks at the college between Temple and Baylor. The choice is certainly risky, but it might be the best way to rebuild the team from the foundations with a long-term project. In this sense, Rhule decided not to rely on neither Allen nor Newton, a free agency roccambolesca for the Panthers: the one is flown to the Redskins, the other was untied and instead of them landed Teddy Bridgewater, look forward to a second great chance to be the starter after how (well) done by backing up Drew Brees to the Saints. Behind her, however, there will be one between Grier and newcomer P. J. Walker, the star of the XFL.

To strengthen the attack, waiting for the Draft, took all of Robby Anderson, who the Jets showed talent and played important. Still have any doubt is too much defense in addition to the already mentioned, the Panthers said goodbye to Addison, Bradberry, Butler, McCoy, Irving, Poe and Reid, confirming the only Boston for the moment. A department is nothing short of decimated, that threatens to drag down the expectations of a team that, at the time, is a huge unknown.




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