A link sends completely in kernel panic all the iPhone and iPad, forcing them to restart [Video]


Published on Sep 17, 2018


In the last year we have seen a series of Links and strange characters that can crash the SpringBoard by actually restarting the iPhone. Today was discovered by @pwnsdx, a researcher who has spread the link on Twitter.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that it works on all versions of iOS, including the 11 and the 12 (soon to release). For this reason we will not the URL that is pointed out within this article, so you won't try it and spread it further.

The purpose of these articles is purely informative, in order to put the current Apple of the situation and make her run for cover (as he has always done, with a considerable velocity). The bug is actually very simple and is not a security flaw:

Simply you have created a web page within which is found a few lines of CSS trying to apply a dropshadow and blur to all elements

Unlike the other known bugs in the past few months, where it was enough to get a notification of email or imessage to make mad phone, this time you have to deliberately open Safari and type the address of a site deliberately created to do this. You will realize then, that this is not something to be alarmed about even if – frankly – the CSS and JavaScript should never be able to throw down a system like this. We will see how will Apple and the group's WebKit.

— Sabri (@pwnsdx) September 15, 2018

The article the link sends completely in kernel panic all the iPhone and iPad, forcing them to restart [the Video] comes from iSpazio.




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