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Published on Mar 23, 2020


1/6Daniele Bergesio - Olha Muzychenko, elevator, VerbaVolant2/6Daniele Bergesio - Olha Muzychenko, elevator, VerbaVolant3/6Daniele Bergesio - Olha Muzychenko, elevator, VerbaVolant4/6Daniele Bergesio - Olha Muzychenko, elevator, VerbaVolant5/6Daniele Bergesio - Olha Muzychenko, elevator, VerbaVolant6/6Daniele Bergesio - Olha Muzychenko, elevator, VerbaVolant

We continue with the explorations that depart the house and who remain in the home, a unique opportunity that this situation of enforced retirement has to offer! The elevator Daniele Bergesio and Olha Muzychenko is a book is curious, strange, that tells of the boredom of the Iris and of the discoveries that he will make his home.

In a vertical format, you browse, from low to high, we follow this girl, tremendously tediata from the boredom of the summer, a plan after the other to the discovery of the palace, inhabited by his family. The almighty palace that unfolds in the double page, vertical, counts even 7 floors and the cuts of the pages unfold, time after time, what keeps each floor, as that Iris will reach them.

On the first floor, the mom is in the living room: ""You're bored? Could you give me a hand to clean up!” he said, handing a cloth [...] and Yet, among the chatter and laughter, the room went back to shine: the Iris had really enjoyed it! Without really knowing why, he put in his pocket the piece of fabric, darts to the elevator and went up to the next floor".

Raising the page, the mom back to hide behind the solid walls and the windows shaded by the lush flowers and the shutters a deep green, but here we are on the second floor: there is the uncle in his study.

Floor after floor, Iris discovers or rediscovers the small details of the rooms and of the one who dwells, for everyone gives a hand, for every place has a memory, or a new emotion: there is the room of the grandmother who remained cosy and full of music that still seems to flutter on plaid in patchwork, there is the grandfather who tells stories exciting and the bathroom outside which is always a line.

On up to the room of the Iris that represents almost half of the journey: each step and each meeting gave the girl an object that combine with others, in the heat withdrawn in the attic, reveal a final gift capable of projecting the little girl close and very far from home.

The movement of the book is simple, but the mixture is always the same and different at of the pages implies a good ability of concentration (for children from 4 years old must be guided by the parent), the facade, in fact, is constantly animated in both the changing hours of the day, both in the movement of clouds, birds, people (the mother withdraws the laundry, the dad helps the mom to retrieve a shirt from the fall, the cousin is renovating a room...), and the cross-section within the plane in which is located the Iris sometimes gets lost in the movement of illustration. The use of ethereal color, the marked sensitivity in the play of the light, the abundance of shadows, and the stretch in the slightest illustrator ukraine create a unique atmosphere, magical, surrounded by the smoke colored, almost crimson in the light of the summer.

The house then becomes a container of discoveries and adventures, as well as those who live in it: the sense of chaos that, at times, invests the reader, and transmits the vitality typical of the places lived.

Have you ever tried to explore your home? You know the drawers of each room? And the lost treasures behind the cabinet in the room?

A book curious to help us not to look with expectations of what the four walls of the home guard.

From 4 years old.

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