A gift really adorable for the 40 years of Chris Pratt


Published on Jul 01, 2019


Katherine Schwarzenegger has surprised her husband for his 40th birthday

Saturday, June 29th, Chris Pratt celebrated her 40th birthday and for the occasion, Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of actor and former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, has made a gift really special. These are two pigs of the breed Kunekune, from New Zealand and reputed to be of the adorable pets. The kunekune, when they are small, have very reduced dimensions, but when they grow up can exceed 230 kg.

One of the two pigs is red, while the other is white and black. “We called Tim and Faith because they are beautiful and adorable, their love is palpable and a source of great inspiration. I love them very much and I can't wait to see them grow up. And no, it will not become bacon,” said the ironically named Chris, showing himself to be really excited about the gift of Katherine, which has been shown to know him well and understood his own love toward any type of animal.

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“They are the last members of the “Friendly Kingodom” and will live together with the sheep, goats and pigs, which we have saved. They will pass their whole life to thrive on the farm,” said proudly the actor. Chris, in fact, takes care of many animals, not just cats and dogs, and they appear very often in his account Instagram. Katherine is proud of her husband and shares the same passion.

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Chris and Katherine have formed a steady couple in June 2018 and already on the 13th of January 2019 Chris has asked for in marriage, and reveal it to the fans through a post on Instagram. The two were married on June 8 in Montecito, California, and they opted for an intimate ceremony and very romantic. Two weeks after the wedding and jetted off to Hawaii to celebrate their honeymoon.



Thank you Katherine for my new pet Kune-Kune pigs!!! Best birthday present ever!! We named them Tim and Faith because they're beautiful and their love is palpable and inspiring. I love them and can't wait to watch them grow. And no they will not be bacon! They are the newest members of the Friendly Kingdom, select animals including sheep, goats, and pigs who we've pardoned. They will spend their entire lives thriving at the farm, until they pass naturally many, many years from now. Historically our relationship with animals has taught us so many valuable life lessons ranging from the harsh realities of the cycle of life to the rewards of compassion, stewardship, love and care. #godbless #friendlykingdom #farmlife

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