A friend of Giusy Pepi to live life: “David, the beat was full of bruises”


Published on Nov 09, 2018


In the episode of The live life aired on the 9th of November 2018 still speak of the death of Giusy Pepi: what happened to the mother of Victory that is missing now from home for 26 days? Her husband, David, in connection with the study of Rai 1 defends himself from the accusations. One of the friends of Giusy has decided to tell his version of the facts: according to what she knows, the woman has moved away, tired of the ill-treatment of her husband. David, according to the story of this friend, who remains anonymous, beat Giusy.

“My children were always in the house with us and can say that what I was doing or not doing to my wife and the boys were all listened to by anyone who investigates. In the country everyone knows how I am and all can testify,” said David, defending themselves from the accusations of the friend Giusy.

The words of the friend Giusy, that it doesn't show in the face, hear only the voice: “She was afraid because it has nothing, has no driver license, no money, and he did not know how to do it. I have said on so many occasions to denounce. Her husband mistreated the beating, she had bruises all over the body. And the bruises not I have seen them just me.She always confide with me and I always said to sue.”

This guy told me that there could be a relationship with Giusy, was to be seen only in some occasions. Every so often when he could be seen. Nor did he have the car then you are seen on rare occasions.

Intervene in the course of an episode of the today, life, live, also David, who explains: “Here with me c0è his brother, we met every day, I have never done anything to Giusy, can confirm with him too. I believe that this friend has helped her and for this reason he says these things.”


The brother of Giusy confirmation: “I do not think that David has beaten my sister. There have been discussions as in all families, but there are no bruises or anything.”

Gianni, the brother of the mother disappeared from a Victory does not believe that his brother-in-law has done evil to Giusy. “I have never said anything, he told me that he was not well, if she ran away he did all of this without to tell me anything,” said the brother of the missing woman.

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