A fake Whatsapp install ads: pay attention

Published on Nov 06, 2017

In the past few days on the Play Store there was an app to fake that could easily be mistaken for Whatsapp users less attentive. And so it was. The app has registered more than a million downloads, demonstrating how the “scam” has been effective.

The bogus application was used, instead, to the download of the ads on the smartphones of the victims, thus causing damage to those involved in the scam.

The name of the application was to “Update Whatsapp Messenger” and it had the same icon as the original, and even the same name. Thanks to the use of white space, transparent, written in Unicode, the developer has been able to register the app in the name of “Whatsapp Inc.” by making sure that even Google would notice the trick. The original name was, in fact, “WhatsApp+Inc%C2%A0“.

As soon as Google has realized the scam, he immediately removed the app from the Play Store and is locked to the developer. However, computer security experts have been sounding the alarm that this technique is used by many hackers to get into users ' systems less aware.

Despite the great controls of the companies ' proprietary digital music store, should be paid great attention to the download of the applications that we find around the web.

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