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Published on Nov 12, 2018


This Lucca Comics & Games, the real monsters, Bugs, Comics, their authors Bugs! Thanks to the humor of the author Helena Masellis was born Bugs Café, a small paper square that tells the story of (dis)adventures of all the editors and authors of the publishing house, the style pupazzettistico and irreverent! The hard work of a publisher in the book a stand at a trade show in almost impossible to find a home for Lucca, Masellis takes us under his arm and makes us see the “behind the scenes” of a publishing house. Before jumping in volume, we interviewed the author to get us to remove any doubt...

MF: what is it about Bugs Café?

HM: Bugs Cafe is practically a sort of sit-com comic, where we are the authors of Bugs Comics portraits in humorous situations. Are several vignettes of episodic, with mini-stories several of them: some develop on multiple pages.

MF: A bit like if we were all in front of a screen watching a comedy series.

HM: they Were small pills fun of how you live your life behind a stand, or how a comic book... The reader, at the bottom, she finds herself with the finished product, but it ignores the entire process that lies in its construction. It is an interesting thing to see, especially if done in humor, not to Scott McCloud, that makes you a comic book on how to make a comic (it can be a bit heavy for those who do not want to do comics). Let's say that Bugs Cafe is a “bullshit like that”!

MF: You could describe it as a comic look at the world of comics. Practically, you are the new Leo Ortolani!

HM: But I'm better! (laugh) No, joke, I'm sorry, Master!

MF: What was the character that you most enjoyed among the ones you've designed?

HM: of course, Francis (Dossena, ed.)! I know him very well, I know that he hates it when I take it in the round, so I enjoy the double! In fact, the idea for the book was born from there, given that teasing Francis is my life! (laughs)Not only that, my life consists of the design of these “green beans”, to ink the plates of albi of others and take it up the ass Francis.

Posted by Bugs Comics on Friday, November 2, 2018

MF: “green Beans”? What would it be?

HM: IS the name I have given to these disegnetti. When I started them, I called them as well, or “robi” or “so”... actually, I really wanted to call them “good”, then name the volume The so of Bugs (which sounds more or less like Bugs Comics...). But in the end, given that the volume is a sit-com, Gianmarco (Fumasoli, director, editor) has decided to put in the middle of the word Cafe.

MF: In a sense, it is as if I were some moments of relax within a publishing house...

HM: Yes! In addition, there is also to say that Bugs is a publishing house that is completely different from the other: the more that a company is a family, then you take around constantly, from morning to evening. This serves a lot to the mood, because if you only have a ratio of employee – to- head with your editor, the product suffers. The results are there to see, because in three years of activity, the publishing house has grown a lot and has a fan base is very solid. I think that it is not a thing to underestimate, not only to the content layers, but how relationships, relationships which have come about (cartoonist – reader, publisher and reader, the publishing house – designer...): it is a different thing from the other.

MF: AND how can you not love a Bugs Comics, even when during a sweltering ARFestival distributes fans free to all!

HM: At the ARF 2019 there will be further news related to the fans, but we are not spoilers!


MF: once you are finished with the tables available in the volume, you are come to mind other episodes to tell? You will make a second volume?

HM: I don't know! Definitely will continue on social, because every day happen episodes you can tease with my green beans.


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