A cab arcade Zelda, built inside a barrel of wine

Published on Apr 02, 2017

A wine barrel has been transformed into a cab arcade two-seater inspired by The Legend of Zelda

You see that corner there in your tavern nerd? Yes, precisely there where there is that space that seems to be sadly wasted.

Well, if you have the time, a wooden barrel (maybe saved from the landfill) a Raspberry Pi and a lot of patience, then you can emulate the job done by Trevor MacKenzie, who has managed to build a cab arcade, inspired by The Legend of Zelda, inside an old barrel.

Trevor has taken a cue from the idea of a user in a forum called Arcade Controllers, who had built a cabin cruiser-barrel to host the game Donkey Kong (remember that it consisted in dodging barrels thrown by Kong).

In an interview with CNBC, Trevor said he took three weeks for a total of about 20 hours.

I used a Raspberry Pi 3, on which runs an emulator of retro gaming. There is a simple HDMI splitter and 2 inclined screens for 2 players. I found an old poster of Zelda, which was just what I needed to finish the graphics. I spent of the wax to the wood throughout the barrel and painted then the metal rims with spray paint.

The work that we see in the photos is amazing and would do her figure in every den nerd worthy of the name. Of course, we must also say that Trevor is a carpenter by profession, but, according to him, most people could easily achieve the same result:

Do not be afraid to fail, at most you will restart from the beginning again and then you just need to complete it.

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