A Big Brother VIP 4 too over? Men and Women the formula works


Published on Dec 10, 2019


Less than a month at the start of the Big Brother VIP 4 and now, the names of the competitors, they are almost all already known. And it is for this reason that in the last hours is a lot of talk about the choices made by Alfonso Signorini, and authors who are working with him. The cast of this fourth edition of the Big Brother seems to be composed of people really very famous, at least for those who has more than 40 years. Hardly a twenty-year-old know who Rita Rusic or knows Antonella Elia, not to mention other competitors that made it all possible, Antonio Zequila. If it is true that the names are those of faces very well known to the public, it is also true that they are known to a certain audience. Probably the choice is to focus on the " public “over” and then select the faces unknown to most of the young people that they can, however, with their exploits, maybe even involve the youngsters in front of the tv. Never say never in short. Of the rest the formula of the throne over Men and Women work for years now, and Gemma Galgani, who's 70 ( and in this regard, it would be perfect in the house of Big Brother VIP but it is a dream that only Mary could afford to do) is the protector of the young and the less young. The throne over in fact, in spite of what you may think, it is followed even by a very young audience. In this edition, you are giving more space than usual to the 40s, but in the past, with ratings still very high, even going 80enni have had their moment of glory.

This is the winning formula for the rebirth of Big Brother VIP in the latest edition, in theme listen had wavered?

We will only know by following this fourth edition of the reality show of Channel 5, but in the meantime, let's see what are the latest news on the cast of the program.

Here is the well-known names, up to this moment:

Competitors, apart from Aristide Malnati, who in addition to being a friend of Alfonso Signorini has already made the Island famous, they are all definitely very famous. Zequila, and Antonella Elia have also done other reality, for example, in short, a cast that needs no introduction.

To find out if the public, young and less young, will appreciate these choices, we just have to wait the debut of this fourth edition of Big Brother VIP. We will see what will happen because these are just some of the names circulating in these hours, but it might get other surprises. Remember about rumors that other names made in these hours, are those of Loredana Lecciso and Barbara Alberti.

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