90 days to fall in love with Nicole and Azan: pregnant blocked in Morocco? He married with another woman


Published on Apr 27, 2020


In these months, as you know we follow with great passion what happens in the Usa and not only, to the protagonists of 90 days to fall in love. And surely one of the pairs most closely followed in America, but also in the rest of the world where the program airs, is the one formed by Azan and Nicole. The two have been together a long time, even if at a distance. The young moroccan has never had the opportunity to leave his country at a time of the Usa, in spite of all the effort that she has expended in this quest for stability. The two in between the low and high are together for years and have also participated in two editions of the programme. They were preparing, perhaps, to participate in a third. A month and a half ago, and Nicole, in fact, before the emergency coronavirus arrived in the Usa, had left America at the turn of Morocco. A new attempt: he wanted to regain his Azan, hoping that this time was forever. He hoped that this trip could mean a marriage official, something important, a new life. And instead, today, things have changed a lot.

The girl post pictures on social in his stories, while the last photo posted with Azan dates back precisely to the 23rd of march. The reason for this? Nicole is located in Morocco but not together with Azan. He explains his mother is very worried for the fate of the girl and that he decided to make public this story with the hope that the truth about Nicole's story and Azan to come to light. The woman spoke of a past that Azan would have hidden all: not only would you have a child ( which maybe Nicole knew but that he would have accepted and then kept silent to all, for the rest she also has a daughter); he would have hidden, however, the fundamental thing: to be married yet. In addition, fans of the couple these days have collected evidence via social. In some of the stories Nicole would say that she is pregnant. But is it true?

The vent of the mother of Nicole on social is really very strong:

“What do you think of my daughter Nicole blocked in Morocco at the home of Azan but in a B&B in quarantine, seeing that he is chasing a married man with three dependent children? I admit it; we knew for years that Azan had a child, that we have now discovered that in reality it would be his third child. Nicole also knew that Azan was already married, and TLC when he found it out he stopped to give visibility to my daughter and to Azan because he understood that their was a love-story fake and they didn't want to take part in this fiction. Also the family of the Azan he made fun of everyone, why was the accomplice of this farce. I, however, am sincerely very sorry for what happened, and especially for my granddaughter, May . I know that my daughter loves it, I know that my niece loves Nicole and I only want the best for them. Please help me also you. Stop giving the rope to his emotional and mental as well to help her stop this crazy game. I pray and hope that she in this moment is safe and sound and is doing well.”

Nicole's mother speaks even of mental disorders, this means that his daughter, at the time there alone, without perhaps even make contact with May who, we imagine, and hope, remained in the home of his grandmother. And yet, Nicole uses her INstagram to share other events, related to the program.

TLC will take position? Will give an official statement about explaining if Nicole and Azan are still two players in the program in any way, or if they disassociate themselves from what is happening?

The intervention of the mother of Nicole comes in because in the Usa there are thousands of the fans of the program, commenting on the social under the girl's photo asking for information. In march, someone had also asked Nicole, after she had posted a photo in the company of Azan, to post also in the photo with him in the newspapers, in order to document that they were recent and not 4 years ago.

Nicole's mother has decided, therefore, to explain how things are, trying to save his daughter, even if from a distance.

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