90 days to fall in love and then...Pedro and Chantel: how did it end?


Published on Jul 22, 2019


In Italy in these weeks is going on the air in 90 days to fall in love and then the application of TLC in the air on Real Time. Just yesterday, however, in the Usa aired the episode of “reunion” if so, we can call, during which the protagonists of the last few seasons have been called to say how things are going between them. One of the most popular, there are also Pedro and Chantel, who are the protagonists of 90 days to fall in love and then aired in July on the Real Time. The two have been married for over 3 years but things between them have always been very complicated. So interesting, in any case, to bring the company to even think about a spin off dedicated to Chantel and Pedro, but also to their families. The family of the young nurse, have always thought that Pedro arrived in the Usa only for Green Card, to send money to his family and to, in turn, have the money to open a business in the Dominican Republic. Chantel has always wanted to believe that there was a feeling at the base of all of this, but apparently, just in the last hour, came the news bomb on Pedro!


It seems that in the course of this episode have been shown of the videos that Chantel had not seen and which would show how, during his travels in the Dominican Republic, Pedro has failed of respect to the girl. It is not yet clear if in the end the two are still together or not. From the social profiles of both it would seem that the love story is over, even if perhaps, seeing that it is in progress the spin-off dedicated to them, can not say too much on the finish of this report.

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And, in fact, just this evening on TLC airs the spin-off devoted to the family of Chantel and perhaps only at the end we will discover that what happened to this couple.

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