90 days to fall in love and then...Nicole and Azan were married? They are still together?


Published on Jul 23, 2019


It is broadcast in these days, after the great success of 90 days to fall in love, that we can consider a sequel, the grand finale. 90 days to fall in love and then... in the air on Real Time, tells us how it ended some of the stories of the protagonists of the program. Anyone who follows the show american knows well-the pair of which we're about to talk about. Azan and Nicole were in fact the protagonists of the various editions of the programme, and their is one of the stories more complicated to 90 days to fall in love, for several reasons. On the one hand the stubbornness of Nicole, who has struggled against the family, he lied to his parents, on the other, the tenacity of the Azan which has been able to get a always forgive from his girlfriend because of the great distance. He lives in Morocco, she is in the United States...And while in Italy, on the Real Time, airs the grand finale, in the U.s. in these hot nights of July, it aired the reunion, which has seen as protagonists some of the known faces of the program, including Nicole and Azan. Curious to know how it ended between the two? Curious to know if in the end you are married, if they are still together?

As you can see from the social profile of Nicole, a marriage in the family but there has been is that of her sister. For the moment, it seems that she and Azan not you are married. The last photo of the boy on social dates back to may, what happened after that, between the two, things have gone wrong?

Apparently Nicole, in the special episode aired on the 22nd of July 2019 on TLC has revealed that she and Azan are still engaged even if they have not brought their story to the next level. The fans think that Azan will continue to stay with Nicole only to have his money, since the girl has sent a lot of money to the young moroccan...But Nicole is said to be a confident and in the meantime, he also tried d to get in shape losing a few pounds. In addition, the young mother also said that many of the articles written in these weeks which speak of a rupture between her and Azan will never tell you the true...

Let your light shine mr No one can take the light from inside you. You have the control in your life. You make your happiness. No one else can take that from you. #peace #love #happiness #kindness #positivity

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Nicole has also explained that in recent years there have been written many articles on its history with Azan but in reality very often were not the true things. The girl in the tv studio just a few hours ago he also explained that the distance can not be a reason to end this love story, and that she still believes in the possibility of a marriage. Nicole wanted to, however, clarify one thing for you important: at the moment, do not send money to Azan for and if they are together it is just for a feeling that.

She and Azan have projects for the future: they want to tell their love story on the web, think to open a channel on Youtube and maybe they'll put aside finally the money to get married, probably in Morocco.

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