90 days to fall in love and then...Larissa and the Colt: how did it end?


Published on Jul 22, 2019


Is going on the air these days on the Real Time the program great success in America 90 days to fall in love and then. In particular, in this edition, we see what happened after the wedding couples are the protagonists of the program. Today we will talk about Larissa, and Colt one of the couples that are doing the most to discuss with the viewers. Larissa and Colt were the protagonists of the last edition of 90 days to fall in love and, in view of the great attention which they have received also on the social, have been chosen for the edition of the “after”. Just in the episode, which aired last night on Real Time, we saw that Larissa was not convicted and that his case, after calling Colt to the police for domestic violence, has been filed. What's going to happen now: between her and Colt returns to it's clear? And what happened after the end of the program? The two have continued to be husband and wife, or decided to leave? And Larissa remained in the U.s., or has had to leave the country to return to Brazil?

Thanks to social media we can find out what happened to the couple. Taking a look at the profile instagram of the Colt, we can realize that the young computer engineer seems to be back single. Apparently, therefore, his marriage with Larissa did not go well ( probably we will see it also in the grand finale of 90 days to fall in love and then ).

But it is taking a look at the profile Instagram Larissa that we can realize how his life is really changed after participation in the program. The beautiful brazilian has a population of more than 300 thousand followers and not only. By march, he activated his / her profile, where there are traces of the Colt, but only his pictures and his pictures ( even though some of the photos from 90 days to fall in love). The real news is that Larissa has a new boyfriend with whom she shares sweet shots on social. Apparently he forgot about the man thanks to which it has arrived in the Usa and living with a new love!

You could put an ocean between our love, love, love It won't keep us apart You could build a wall, I will run it up, up, up Just to get to your heart If we're caught in a wave Baby, we'll make a way @goombolsaffino #90dayfiance #90dayfiancehappilyever

A post shared by Larissa Santos Lima (@larissalimareal) on Jul 19, 2019 at 8:34pm PDT

The other very interesting thing, it seems that Larissa is still alive in Las Vegas, where you might even meet Colt or his ex-mother-in-law Debby for the road!

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