7 ways to say the most famous anime


Published on Apr 16, 2018


Idioms, phrases, even just a single word that is associated to a precise character or the animated series, and that can synthesize a maximum of the anime itself.

Are those expressions which, usually, are often repeated by the characters, and that, whether we like it or not, in the end they remain imprinted in the mind of the public.

Unfortunately, some of these are really difficult to translate in Italian and even when you try to do it, you will lose a good part of the meaning. A shame since the character who uses this way of saying is missing an important part of his being.

The ones below are some of the ways to say the most famous anime


In the dubbed version in Italian, the protagonist Uzumaki Naruto did not often use this way to say that, in Italian, can be translated as “trust us” or, better yet, “do you Believe in me”, “trust”.

A way of saying that suits him perfectly I think ninja of the young hero Naruto.

7 ways to say the most famous of the anime is




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