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Published on Dec 10, 2019


22 minutes, in some cases even less. This is the maximum time that the first episode of an anime has to entice the viewer to continue the vision and hang it thus for the entire series.

Just as we have seen some manga that have a compelling first chapter, the same can be considered for the souls. The first episode is crucial to help tip the balance from “drop” to the “continuous with the bet of 2”.

Of course, with the time it can also happen that an anime is initially considered valid the worst, as well as the opposite, but it is clear that many times the first impression is what counts.

In fact the early episodes are capable to hook the viewer with the following series can have their say.

It was the beginning of 2012 when the first episode of the saga has been transmitted. Over the years there have been other 4 seasons, the last of which aired in the summer of 2019. Even if the success achieved in the west is rather mild, the first episode of the saga knows how to turn minds and expectations.

We have a beautiful, idol, mecha, aliens, combat, and a story from the beginning tragic, all the things that the friends of the rising sun appreciate very much. A franchise that knows how to engage the viewer.

In the anime, from the distinctive beauty could not miss Arakawa under the bridge. From the first episode you do not understand absolutely nothing, are a lot of things thrown a little to the case, without explanations, but at the same time create so much of curiosity and expectation that it affects the viewer.

There are no combat or magic, but simply real people with their quirks and bislaccherie. An alternate world inside the life of every day, between laughter and situations to the limit as possible.

A swirl of emotions in contrast with the other is the first episode of Akame ga kill. To describe it briefly, we can say that what you think is real actually is not, good is evil and evil is good. Difficult to understand, and even more complex to represent, but just the first 22 minutes of Akame ga kill to be able to explain.

The souls will always be enough violent and raw, does not disdain the use of blood, and scenes of strong, but few surpass those of the first episode in the manga is perhaps made even better.

When you combine a ghost popputo and a vampire otaku convinced the mix that comes out of it is explosive. We then add in the fact that Staz the vampire is also a boss among monsters, very strong and capable of using the Kamehameha, then there is nothing else to add.

The plot is not particularly brilliant, but the construction of the setting and the lovable characters of the anime are the real strong point of Blood lad. Unfortunately, the souls have not come to a conclusion, but already from the first episode you will be enraptured by the series... and to think that the expectations were very low.

To avoid spoilers harmful and to keep intact the emotions that inevitably affect the vision of the episode of Gakkou gurashi will try to say and reveal as little as possible.

The protagonists are 4 girls, are part of the club of school life in which the self-management and independence are encouraged and well regarded. Requirements very important in how the life of a club is threatened by external forces, unusual. Ok, you can, we recommend that you watch the first episode to understand why the anime has been chosen.

Watching the first scenes of the attack of the giant, the spectator has not the faintest idea, nor can guess with absolute certainty what will happen in the next episodes. What they perceive to be the be in front of something epic. There are not many anime, even popular ones, who manage to engage the viewer in a way that is so strong and how immediate the attack of the giants.

In the first scenes we are witnessing only the humanity that is sodomized and eaten by giants, an unstoppable enemy, with which it is impossible to talk. Perhaps because of the pathos created by the tragic scenes or the excellent care of the designs and animations, but it is something that remains imprinted in the depths.

A small hidden gem dated 2017. The light novel is capable of conquering the top spots in the survey of the sales with every new release, and also the account, and the annual total of copies sold is very good. The same good work has been done with the souls, of which by the time you wait for a second season.

Classroom of the elite has a linear storyline and simple, already seen in other anime made by the institute is very competitive, where success in school is everything. The best are in the A class, the worst in D. The mysterious protagonist is finished right in section D, but right now the whole thing looks suspect as it is evident that his desire to remain in the section the worst and not to show anyone his true abilities.

For how much want to remain in the shadow is forced to come out and begin the climb that will bring the section D to become the best of the whole institute.

7 souls is the gripping first episode of




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