7 manga horror read for Halloween


Published on Oct 29, 2018


You just need to create the right atmosphere and the palpitation that grow to excess, are insured. Lowered to the minimum the lights, created an environment that is dark and gloomy, make yourself comfortable and if you're lucky, let the noise of the wind and thunder of the storm the face contour.

Once ready, simply start to read one of these manga, horror, and letting oneself be involved and scared by the plot and by their designs. Which night is the best way to immerse yourself in this atmosphere? Of course, Halloween.

The cute costumes of the kids who ring the doorbell of a house asking “trick or treat” now yes that will be scary.


The lights of the stage were lit for Masasumi Kakizaki with his hit Rainbow that is for the manga version for that animated, is confirmed to be a work magnificently successful. Amazes once again with a single volume Hideout, published in Italy by Panini Comics, psychological thriller with a strong character horror.

A couple in crisis, flees to a tropical island to heal a marriage now finished. On reaching their destination the husband, a writer of books horror, puts into action his real plan: to kill his wife. The woman is able, however, to escape during the chase the two discover they are not the only inhabitants of the island. In a continuous descent into the abyss, the couple will realize that there is no limit to human brutality.

7 manga horror read for Halloween is




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