7 dead ridiculous only possible in anime


Published on Feb 10, 2019


Leaving aside the epic moments, painful and full of emotional impact in which a character must say goodbye for ever to his teammates, the same way there are deaths that remain imprinted for the reason opposite. Ways to go to another world so absurd and unpredictable that can exist only in the world of anime.

Witnessing these events, even the most serious can not help but smile.


Nichijou is renowned for its humor, the extreme, the unique storyline and the nonsense that surrounds all the souls from the protagonists to the plot up to the same situations presented in the series.

Episode memorable is the clash between the headmaster and the dangerous deer, but the death caused by the cadutaper to have stumbled on your own feet while you are walking is nothing short of epic. Gives a good idea of what kind of anime is Nichijou.

7 dead ridiculous possible only in the anime is




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