7 anime with a bad start... but by the spectacular evolution


Published on Mar 04, 2020


It seems the less right and proper to take into consideration also the opposite. I.e. souls who have had a start to the season subdued and less brilliant, but who have managed to turn into something really successful.

If you are part of those that have dropped one of these series, you might have done it too soon. Deserve a second chance.

For as the history teach us that the souls have managed to make an epic and thrilling activities are also the most boring, think to base an entire anime on the theme of calligraphy seemed to be too much even for them.

Already from the first bars Barakamon is faithful to his plot and, except for the character initial of the protagonist, not the door elements different from those expected. With the evolution of the plot, the viewer finds himself immersed in a climate that is pleasant and cheerful that he did not expect, and even a theme such as that of calligraphy becomes interesting.

Heavy, so can be defined as the gag of the comic duo Nishikata and Takagi. Harmless pranks and almost too simplistic, that only two kids of the medium might conceive. For the accuracy two guys of medium-sized real ones, not the big men that are two metres high is able to break walls with a punch.

After you have made the habit to sketch these young Raymond and Sandra will try almost tenderness for a very real made up yes of humour but also of feelings is not said. In an authentic atmosphere that takes you back to when we were in school and we were trying to attract the attention of the girl we liked.

Shounen sports on 10 guys at university who run a heavy duty relay marathon from Tokyo to Hakone... not one of the choices of bright sports theme. After all, except for the voltage that reaches the climax by showing the athletes that hold the teeth in spite of the fatigue, which in another scene, high-impact may come up with the authors?

An anime which you would bet nothing, however, has been one of the series revelation of the year 2018/2019. A story that knows how to move and engage with a simplicity that is genuine, which should be studied and taken as a model for many other future works.

The pessimistic Hachiman Hikigaya was the usual positive aspect of the light novel title mileage that we summarize in Yahari. The context of the school, the popular girls who find out that they try something for the geek of the moment, everyone screamed at the already seen and reviewed.

Until it could no longer do without. To make this possible is, above all, the evolution of the characters who, unlike what often happens in anime, even if they try to change, it is hard to abandon their true nature. In what can be considered as an acceptance of themselves, Yahari is the perfect anime that it represents.

The sixth man, ghost, the great series that it remains in the shadows, and even though many consider it worthy to compete with the big sacred of shounen, prefer not to attract too much attention to itself.

World Trigger takes quite a bit to get into, the first few episodes does not remain neither for the characters nor for the adventures, or rather the rate of the drop was immediately very high and it remains a mystery how they managed to make boring assumptions, so good. At a certain point the anime drastically changes the registry, and it is then that things get interesting.

In the theme of sudden change of route, the same can be said for Charlotte. In reality, it is incorrect to say that at the beginning the anime was ugly, however, when compared to a development that happened from the middle, the two halves of the series are on levels altogether different.

Almost everything that he had built in the first episodes takes an unexpected turn that manages to exalt its potential. A small pearl of only 13 episodes is very nice.

Today anime is a well known and appreciated by a vast number of people, however, Jojo the original was very different from what it is today. Before you get to the stand and the plots that has been built thanks to a family tree of all respect, there were only two brothers, one in competition with the other. Everything is born from the clash between dio Brando and Jonathan Joester.

Instead of the stand there was the technique of concentric waves, and the enemy was a pseudo-vampire. The story was linear and without the factor of the unexpected and absurd that it is the luck of the Jojo today. Saga after saga, the anime has evolved and become the great product that we know today.

7 anime with a bad start... but by the spectacular evolution of




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