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Published on Jul 08, 2019


The need to relate to an anime already seen does not seem to be there, after all, it is a bit like wasting time that you could invest in seeing something new. The logic of why “not about the series you've already seen” can also be understandable, and yet...

There are series that cannot be understood and appreciated only at a time. Not only. To the favorite anime, what is left in the heart, the desire of seeing him again is something we can't escape.

If this is not enough just to think that there are some works where, due to the intensity of emotions, adventures, or fun, every time is a pleasure to them.

And you? Have you ever reviewed an anime?

It is an anime shounen sports, already before you even see the final, it is sure at 99% that the team floundering round be able to achieve excellent achievements. That sense may never have to watch again a series that you already know how it will end?

Watch the final match and then we can talk about it. If all the previous meetings, the degree of surprise and the adrenaline of the series is to the stars, thanks especially to the sounds, and animation that doesn't miss a beat, reaches its peak in the last match. A joy for the eyes and mind every time you regards.

An animation film, not an anime series, this is true, but the works of Miyazaki are a must for any enthusiast and not. The rate of re-watch, of its works is of course very high, to pick out just one was difficult. Among all, perhaps the one who manages to hit most of the plot, themes, and rediscovery every time you look at is The castle, wandering Howl.

A story that, even if you are already in advance how it will end, what is striking for its authenticity, simplicity and ability to make you laugh every time. A great way to spend an evening with that mix of seriousness and light-heartedness.

Hard to an anime comic that can make me want to be reviewed, in the end, once you hear the jokes and the gags the second time around should not elicit any laughter. Nichijou is an exception. Thanks to its quiet daily combined with events that define the absurd, it's not, every time the laugh is guaranteed.

The gag of the anime have become must-haves, and even if he has a humor different than the classic, once entered in the world if it is absorbed. The struggle of wrestling between the principal and the deer is sbellicare all times.

Kill the goblin, poison goblin, drown goblins, burn, goblins, and gutting the goblin. In short, blood and violence to the stage pure to an enemy that, at least in the fictional world of the Goblin slayer, he deserves to be persecuted.

The figure of the goblin slayer is almost an antihero, so focused on killing that little matter of saving human lives. Each episode knows how to keep you glued to the screen the spectator, which still it longs, until, one after the other, you get to the end. Then the cycle starts again, because no matter how many goblins die, it is never enough.

Could not miss among the souls to be a review of one of the most controversial in the history of animation. To increase the degree of difficulty of the work is the director, Hideaki Year, including television series, film and end the film to re-adapt the series do not know how to account for the whole.

Without considering that a complex and articulated on several levels such as Neon genesis evangelion needs more visions to be appreciated by all. Impossible to understand and grasp all the details only in the first time.

Have been unleashed in wars for much less, today, you struggle to determine which of the 5 factions of fans Nakano will have the victory, cough Miku is the best cough. The sweetness and genuineness Go toubun no hanayome are the main reasons for its great success.

A love story that almost eliminates all the unnecessary fanservice, and leaves only the torments of a young, white boy that, without volervo, is capable of conquering the heart of all 5 sisters Nakano, cough Miku reigns cough.

There are two fundamental reasons for which relate to the saga Monogatari. The first because, depending on the order, chronologically, or exit, in which you look at the series that make up the saga emerge, hidden details and are clarified doubts of which the viewer is forgotten.

Second, it is impossible to read all the signs, subtitles, and the various walls of texts that populate every anime of the saga Monogatari. The beauty of it is that some of those signs are also essential to understanding what is going on. That's part of the charm of the series.

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