7 anime isekai to watch after Sword Art Online


Published on Apr 14, 2019


With the passing of years after the advent SAO anime set in alternative worlds in fantasy setting in which the protagonist finds himself trapped against his will, have literally sprung up like mushrooms. Between series truly spectacular and immediately become the mainstream in the anime, so obscene to be defined as embarrassing.

For once, then, let's leave aside the worst and the best of the genre isekai and just focus on the middle band. On those souls who have not managed (yet) to make the step up to quality, but that they are characterized as a series of pretty and beautiful to see.


The fantasy world? There is. Character trapped in a parallel world? Even to the present. The protagonist nerd or hikikomori? Missing, however, is not essential for a work isekai. Drifters has all of the elements in the rule for belong to this genus.

The world in which it is set is not a video game or a literary work, but a parallel world where the protagonists are historical characters who really existed and from every part of the world. The two factions are fighting among themselves, the reason is not yet clear, but the presence of a charismatic and intriguing commanders and warriors makes things very interesting.

Who has not asked: in a battle between Oda Nobunaga and Joan of arc who never spunterebbe?

7 anime isekai to watch after Sword Art Online is




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