7 amusing examples of “logical cores”


Published on Apr 30, 2019


Remember that the intent is not to compare the reality with what we see represented in anime. The animated series should be alogiche to nature, however there are some tricks and odd situations that make you laugh and smile.

To resolve some of these soon enough, but in doing so, the anime itself would lose its nature.

Here, then, is that for once we take very seriously our beloved souls and we will have a laughter looking at them with a more critical eye, and oriented to reality.

Do a test in front of the mirror. Let's get to the side, open and close the mouth and the corner of my eye let us look at what happens. You will see a hole caused by the action of opening the mouth.

As far as the animation has made enormous strides in the last few years, there are still some subtleties that are left in second plan. Among these is the arrangement of the vents, depending on the shots, they end up in the ridiculous position if we think of the real counterpart. It would be like having a mouth on the cheek.

Namek will explode in 5 minutes.

And so it was that thanks to these prophetic words spoken by the evil Freeza, the battle between him and the neo super saiyan Goku is more turned on than ever. Now, of course, none of the spectators has the claim that the 5 minutes advertised are actually 5 minutes, but there is a limit to everything.

Episode after episode, the planet is always on the verge of exploding.... but it does not... not yet at least.

With the tension that you feel from miles away the two fighters continue to darsele thrashing until the question is (after type a dozen bet, or 20 minutes * 10= 200 minutes or more than 3 hours) if it were not all a hoax.

Ah the short skirts. That souls would be without the classic uniforms of the school, and that the animation world would be without the skirts super short girls. Skirts that even the slightest draft of air could lift it, for the joy of all those who are eagerly awaiting this moment.

Sin for you, there is hope that magic fabric from moving beyond the boundaries of the see/not see. Nothing can slide, shift, or lift those skirts to school. Also by turning, literally, the girls who wear them, they would be in exactly the same position. Skirts 1 – gravity 0.

Best not to mention that the Hot version of the protagonists, and the protagonists in anime is almost always minor, while that one more child is of age.

Makes you smile, instead, think of the age which is attributed to the characters, men and women is indifferent. Bodies, voices, and attitudes by people of mature and elderly when their identity card said to have an age of around 15 years.

What a beautiful age of the puberty...

Admiral Ackbar of Star Wars knew a lot. It would not be surprising if, at the time of his famous joke: “it's a trap”; they were watching an episode of anime.

Because in these periods the complex and ambiguous stumbling in the classic misunderstanding is easy, and with a final surprise that you may like it or not.

The souls have taught us that we must never take anything for granted, not even the distinction of man and woman. In reality it happens that the man is a woman and woman a man. Can? See it to believe it.

That beautiful feeling is the love, as well as the desire for peace or tranquility. Noble objectives, that can be carried forward, not always with the best methods and the most sensible. It is a case, the semi-bad Pain Naruto to bring peace back in the world of ninja has decided to unleash a great war.

If, instead, you want to have one of the most striking examples of funny logic to anime just to see the behaviour of the sweet Yuno, innomarata lost of his beloved Yuki would be ready to do anything to protect it. In fact, however, anything that is a threat to his amoruccio that's why... they must all perish. Better if it blows to accept.

There would be no anime without the crazy hairstyles and hair colors, absolutely out of the ordinary. Shades in the 2D world make it fabulous a character is already interesting, but that make my skin crawl if transposed into 3D reality.

The other thing that leaves you very puzzled about the hair of anime characters is how they manage to see. To think about it often, the hair of the protagonists cover part or all of their eyes, as they can then see who is in front?

Whatever you see the green hair are the best.

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