6 comics to give away at Christmas 2018


Published on Dec 08, 2018


A few days before Christmas of 2018 has officially begun the race, often hectic, with gifts that will find a place under the trees of friends and relatives.

A few days ago we reported 5 cases of movies and tv series – using our tips by clicking HERE – instead, today it's the turn of comics.

We have selected 6 titles ranging between different genres and price ranges, hoping to inspire you for your gifts! Here are our suggestions!

06. OUDEIS – OMNIBUS Carmine Di Giandomenico



Let's start with a work of Italian, an incredible volume signed by Carmine Di Giandomenico is one of designers the most recognizable in the panorama of national and appreciated even beyond the ocean, where recently signed a long cycle on The Flash over at the seminal graphic novel Battlin’ Jack Murdock Marvel.

saldaPress collects in a luxurious volume Oudeis very personal revisitation of a classic stainless or the Oddisea of the Humerus.

Recommended to your friend too intellectual for the comics...

OUDEIS – OMNIBUS of Carmine Di Giandomenico, 200 pages, 19 x 27.5 cm, color, hardback, 29,90€

Oudeis, which in Greek means “no”, is the name that the character of Ulysses, in the Odyssey of Homer, adopts to escape the threat of the Cyclops. None, as the man without memories who is the protagonist of this original work signed by Carmine Di Giandomenico full of references to each field of the narration, and finally collection in a unique and elegant volume. The journey of the hero to regain his consciousness lost and the last, exciting chapter – completely new and made by the author in the course of a 48-hour non-stop which has contributed to the fattening in the Guinness book of world records – with the return to Ithaca for a final absolutely extraordinary from the point of view of the narrative, and artistic.

6 comics to give away at Christmas 2018 is




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