50 Cent cosplay for a day. Is cyborg of the Teen Titans...

Published on Sep 06, 2016

Here is the rapper 50 Cent is photographed in the clothes of Cyborg of the Teen Titans. This is not a new cinecomic but a cosplay for the birthday party of the son

That the phenomenon of cosplay had caught on everywhere in the last few years, we had noticed a little’ all. But what I didn't expect to see, was a rapper the likes of 50 Cent cosplay; even though for the birthday party of the son.

For the occasion, in fact, Curtis James Jackson III (aka 50 Cent) is dressed from the character to DC Comics Cyborg of the Teen Titans, and judging by the comments that appeared on the photos posted, not only for the joy of the child but also for that of the fans...

Below, you can find one of the many photos that you have uploaded on the official profile Instagram 50 Cent where the rapper was photographed with the child.

Lol the kid said he want a cyborg I said ok, then he said, " I want daddy to be a cyborg.what !!! Ok it ya birthday I'm a Cyborg. #FRIDGE

A photo posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) date: 3 Sep 2016 at 20:36 PDT

It will not be cosplay the most beautiful in the world but, knowing the character beneath the armor, a round of applause should be done anyway for the effort.

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