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Published on Aug 11, 2018


Chrysalis, the capital of the Mon Tomorrow. The Sand Castle the preparations for the day of the sand and the small after their visit is very worried also for the letter that he has just received, in addition to his poor skills in shaping the aniforma; but the problems are even bigger than our heroes could ever imagine: the five worlds are, in fact, overheating, and many are convinced that this is influenced by the need to turn on the ancient lighthouses, the five lights that were turned off due to the forces of evil. But the five people are divided by ancient misunderstandings, even in the face of a bloodbath that now seems inevitable. Therefore, it seems that the only hope is laid up in three guys, different from each other because they come from different worlds, but united by the need to survive and the faith in friendship and in fidelity to their commitment.

The five Worlds is, therefore, a work that mixes legend and adventure in a mix that is well thought out, even if, hard to say, the work is the fruit of the collaboration of five different authors, or Alexis Siegel, Boya Sun, Mark Siegel, Matt Rockefeller, Xanthe Bouma.

Even if it is a comic book intended for young readers, like all those of the line BaBao, one must not underestimate it, because the adventure the fray also to the political intrigue and war. This is a note for me very positive, because it shows respect towards the players and their maturity. And, as a result, is a volume that will be appreciated by adult readers or however older children.

The pace is pretty good, but in some moments is a bit slow, as, for example, at the beginning, before that after their visit to learn what is going on and begins his adventure.

Very well chosen the characters, as the same after their visit (even if his skill is certainly not particularly original), or An Tzu, that sonofacilmente identifiable, but unfortunately do not have a characterization in the round that allows to understand them completely (but it is also true that we are only in the first volume). The positive thing is that each of them has a different origin, which enables authors to show some aspects of racism (and even bullying) that lurks in the people. Younger readers (but adults also would not hurt) can thus understand, in seeing scenes of hatred and aversion, between people of different races, what it feels like and maybe think a little about it.

The design is an important part of the story, with a stretch in the lines morbile that underlines the side, in a sense, fantastic adventure.

Essential in the tables is the use of colour, with muted tones, in a certain sense, in contrast to say, the real issues piuttoto adult of the story. But this contrast is completed in the final a comfortable feeling for the player that finds himself living the nightmares in a world that seems a dream. Graphically I like the characterization of the characters, which reflects the values of the story: for example, after their visit is not a girl physically perfect, on the contrary, the thighs a little grossette, but for this reader, perhaps she can immedesimarcisi better.


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