5 board games perfect for the month of October

Published on Oct 09, 2016

5 board games perfect for the month of October

As you well know, October is the month of Halloween. Also here in Italy, every year that passes, we hear more and more of the atmosphere of this period. Everything is tinged orange and black, the stores become spectral and everything is more scary. Today we want to offer five games that would be appropriate for this month.

This game is fantastic and with its expansion coming on the 14th of October we will have the chance to live your Halloween adventure even more beautiful. In the game, you and your friends enter an abandoned house and terrifying. Towards the middle of the game (the sync is in continuous change), the story comes alive and it is likely that one of the players will become a traitor. The latter has a mission – almost always kill – and the survivors must try to stop it.

The best part of this game is its structure. The house is not a tab static, but is constituted by tiles dynamic that change every time you play, making always try a new interest to the story. The 50 places to hangout the damage, without a doubt, play a big factor in the replay.

You are a cynical person who believes that all those who are happy, do it simply sucks? Then I here the game for you. The death and the alliterations are the key to this game. You can kill the teddy bear animated Grogar, just being chased by poodles, or will you run away happy together with the ducks?

This game has a supernatural basis. A player will be a ghost who seeks to be freed up by solving the mystery of her death. All the other players are psychics, who met in the house of the ghost to help him finally rest in peace. The latter is not allowed to speak because he has lost the strength and, therefore, can not give any kind of clues.

If the psychics can solve the mystery, then the ghost can rest in peace; if you are wrong, instead, all the players lose. This game can definitely be difficult, but also exciting trying to put together all the pieces of the puzzle. As a bonus there is also a soundtrack that will keep you company while you play.

This classic whodunit is a classic for a simple reason: a man is killed at a party, and you must find out who it was, as he did, and with which weapon. Use your detective abilities to bring to light this mystery and become the modern Sherlock Holmes. In addition, after the game, spend a nice evening to see the cult film genre and try to solve along with the characters, all the mysterious murders.

Have you ever played the famous Mafia or Werewolf? This is definitely the fun version of those games. There are different types of characters with their own special abilities, for example, the thief is the trade of the identity with some other player. The problem is that no one knows who the other one is because of the cards that are exchanged and it is likely that your character is final is not equal to the initial one. After that all accuse everyone of being a werewolf, through a majority vote. If you want to do something cool, I also downloaded the app to help you with the times and provide an impressive background of sounds.

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